Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3: The differences that matter

Mike shows us the main differences between the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 3.

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Shot on a Canon C200:

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21 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3: The differences that matter

  1. I love my series 3 but I am an ultra runner and the battery life doesn't always last if I take too long to finish a race. Is the battery life better/long on the series 5?

  2. Hi. Thank you! My daughter wants a watch but until now I had no idea what the hype was about. You saved me a good chunk of money. Lol

  3. I will go for the 5. It’s the latest thing. Why get an Apple Watch and fuss about a few hundred bucks?
    Right now, Apple stores are giving you a $100 cash back on trading in your series 1 watch, when purchasing a series 5.

  4. I love the look of the ceramic series 5, but I don’t love the price 😂 Also it isn’t sold in Europe. We don’t get the cellular in Europe either.

  5. Not worth the money at all, screen is like a glass very easy to brake, the edge is made so you can easily brake it. Try to replace the screen afterwards good luck with it.
    Apple just want our money they are the most greedy company I know. Your choice but I would stay away of apples products.

  6. Series 3 prices now are absolutely unbeatable and Apple doesn't make products that don't work almost flawlessly, the Series 5 is for people that want to say they got the newest watch unless they actually want to use the few features that aren't available on the Series 3.

  7. I really like apple watch but im an Android user. Then it is almost nonsense. It wont be able to function as a really smartwatch. Just mainly for time i guess. But its soooo pretty 🤦‍♀️

  8. Can someone answer my question is series 3 good ? and can you give me some good qualities I looking to buy one but I’m confused if I want series 5 or 3 because all these comments say that series 3 is better

  9. I love my series 3 watch, but recently lost it (ouch!). Believe I will replace with another series 3 though. Its a great watch. Thanks for the comparison.

  10. Thanks for a good and thorough review. I am still using the original 2015 watch, with max OS of 4 for this model. Happy with it except the battery is a little weaker now. If the battery goes, I will go with the series 3 aluminum case to save money. Currently mine is stainless steel at a substantial expense in 2015. Looks nicer, but will go cheaper when the time comes.

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