apple watch unboxing + setup | 38mm, series 3, GPS, space gray

unboxing my 38mm space gray series 3 apple watch!! i also set it up and show you the accessories i currently have. i hope this helps if you’re searching for an apple watch!

l i n k s :
my macbook unboxing video-

apple watch series 3 (GPS ONLY)-

gel screen protector-

glass screen protector-

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42 thoughts on “apple watch unboxing + setup | 38mm, series 3, GPS, space gray

  1. i just bought mine for $199 too. Can't wait to get it. I could have picked it up at the Apple Store but since it's 104 degrees in Los Angeles today I and i really don't feel like going to a mall I said "ship it"! Haha I'll have it Tuesday Sept. 17th.

  2. how long did it take to set up i mean like when there was the wheel thanks for all the tips as well cause i’m getting one in on thursday

  3. i only have 250 Egyptian pounds ;-; bc I’m Egyptian and it’s going to be expensive as heck

    omg i went to the link and it costs 3k


  4. Hey if any one sees this comment and if you bought the Apple Watch from amazon after using it underwater does it still work the same as when bought like with good quality

  5. I have the series 3, and I love it. I personally don’t feel the need to have the newest one when all I use it for is counting steps, changing songs, and seeing who’s calling me/texting me. For how much I spend on them I should use it for more but I don’t feel the need honestly 😂😂

  6. Do you think that if I get the 42mm it will be too big for my wrist? Btw great vid! This made me decide to get a watch series 3! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. what’s the difference between the series 3 and 4? i’m considering buying an apple watch but don’t know which i should get

  8. Do you like it now that you have had for some months, cause I want one for my birthday but my momma is going to get it but I just want to know if it’s worth the money

  9. If anyone is wondering about refurbished apple watches they are way cheaper 🙂
    I would recommend getting one refurbished by apple or google because that way you know you aren’t getting ripped off
    Also 7:55 if you want to skip the set up

  10. Just a psa be careful with apple products from amazon some times they have the apple “shell” but Chinese parts hence the different pricing

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