Archero – No hack, unlimited energy and glitch farming (Items & Scrolls) at Chapter 3

Archero items and scroll farming in Chapter 3 + unlimited energies gameplay tutorial by Zetamiel. Watch till the end for some of my runs reward!!

Tips: Ensure you are offline before changing time and Archero app. Switch on your wifi/data once inside.

If scrolls do not drop after a couple of runs, proceed to next stage. Most probably it will not drop at the stage.

New glitch video:

When an item drop, proceed to next stage to ensure item is safely saved in your database.

Ensure gaming center is connected. This method works both for IOS and Android.


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34 thoughts on “Archero – No hack, unlimited energy and glitch farming (Items & Scrolls) at Chapter 3

  1. Hi i was able to play offline 2-3 times then suddenly when i press play while offline theres an error saying no internet connection. Do you know how to fix it?

  2. Works like a charm shot bro, if the minions aint dropping scrolls or weapons on a stage he'll close the game to redo the stage until they do

  3. It's working! Thanks bro.
    I stop grinding when I got my weapon or armor, or whatever, but the materials is not stack if I don't complete all 5 waves so idk what are you doing that you get 2 digital or 3 digital for example 100 spirit materials, wtf, how? 😄

  4. Hey,buddy,I have a question will I be able to play offline anytime soon,after trying out this glitch it says “no network connection.Check network connection”

  5. Could you explain what this Glitch is? And what must be done to accomplish it? I already downloaded version 1.0.3 on the internet to work, but I did not understand what you're doing exactly

  6. Hey bro, I did it some times and succeeded, but then I did one more again and got a network failure so i couldn't play ofline anymore

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