43 thoughts on “Asia’s SHOCKING Live Animal Market!!! Extreme Food Tour in the Mekong Delta!

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  2. The exotic “pet” trade is big business. Selling protected wildlife in stores, auctions, or on the Internet is one of the largest sources of criminal earnings, behind only arms smuggling and drug trafficking. But the animals pay the price. Many don’t survive the journey from their homes, and those who do survive often suffer in captivity and die prematurely from malnutrition, an unnatural and uncomfortable environment, loneliness, and the overwhelming stress of confinement. Animals destined for the pet trade are yanked from their homes in places such as Australia, Africa, and Brazil and are subjected to grueling transport. Parrots may have their beaks and feet taped and be stuffed into plastic tubes that can easily be hidden in luggage, and stolen bird and reptile eggs are concealed in special vests so that couriers can bypass X-ray machines at airports. Baby turtles have been trapped inside their shells with tape and shoved by the dozen into tube socks, and infant pythons have been shipped in CD cases. Many die before reaching their destinations.

  3. I hate coconuts and plus i’m allergic to them

    Knowing that there is a coconut religion thing just makes me question my whole entire existence •-•

  4. Ill try to eat about anything ive eaten snake, snail, cat and opossum, i would try rat or dog even horse. Humans are at the TOP of the food chain. BTW if youve ever eaten a squirrel you have eaten rat, we call them fuzzy tail gophers.

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