Attack on Titan Android Game [NEW] [Download]

Its a shame to see many AoT android games be made. But never finished and cancelled. I am proud to bring to you all,

AoT : Android


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Google Drive (Version 1)

MEGA (Version 1 )


Google drive (version 3)

MEGA (version 3)

Key :

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-Fluid skill based combat and Movement
(Similar to Wings of Freedom)

-Special Moves

-2 Characters (Levi,Eren)

-1 Titan type (More to come)

-Detailed map


In the next update. I will add

-More Titans

-Mikasa, Armin

-Better graphics

-More gamemodes

I do not own Attack on Titan.

All the programming and animations are made by me.
Models are taken from various sources.


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37 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Android Game [NEW] [Download]

  1. To play Multiplayer. All players must connect to the same WiFi.
    1 player will go to their phone Settings > Wifi > Advanced and find their IP adress. Share this with everyone. This player then presses "Host".

    All other players type in the IP adress under "Client" button and then press client.

    Multiplayer is still a little buggy. But it works.

  2. This is so far the best android AOT game I found. Keep up the good work i cant wait to play the game in future updates.

  3. It has potential potential to be a good game that every one will like love and play so i hope that more updates comes and more players play the game

  4. suggestions
    – sound effects
    – more characters
    – abilities
    – changing the titans' face
    – scouting regiment set
    – advanced setting
    – improvements on the graphics
    – each character has its own ability
    – the armored titan and annie titan and the giant titan
    – story mode "but after many updates

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