Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart 3 Way Light Switch Review for Apple HomeKit

This NEW second generation Belkin Wemo 3 Way Light Switch is a great update, but is it the right switch for your HomeKit home?

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This one is also available at your local Apple store.

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7 thoughts on “Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart 3 Way Light Switch Review for Apple HomeKit

  1. You make zero references on how the 3 way switch actually works in a 3 way setup. This would have made the video much more useful

  2. I have a question. In my garage i have 3 switches (1 controls front flood lights, 1 controls back flood lights, 1 control lights in garage) will i need three separate switches or 1 three way switch? The same for kitchen i have 2 switches ( 1 control breezeway lights and 1 controls kitchen lights)

  3. I just finished having my first home built, and I'm starting to smarten it up. Your videos on HomeKit devices have been super helpful! 

    I'm leaning strongly towards Lutron Caseta for switches except for two factors – one, my elderly parents will be living with me and I'm certain they will despise the aesthetic (not to mention being confused by all the buttons), and two, the non-dimmer version of their switches seems hard to find, and I don't want dimmers on absolutly everything! But, I'll probably go with them anyway because I want to use their fan speed controller and I'm bothered about everything matching! 

    I'll just teach my parents to talk to the HomePod.

  4. Have a few Leviton switches. Thinking of getting a lot more (doing most of the house) and am leaning towards Leviton but don’t want to end up having 10 hubs/bridges for all the various companies. Also are there are any fan switches that can also control the light on the fan?

  5. Great review and setup video. I like the look of these switches also. But I’d have to agree with you on paying a little bit more for reliability. I’m all about building a smart home on a budget, but in my opinion, paying a little bit more to get solid, reliable products for something as important as light switches is definitely worth it in the long run. Can’t go wrong with the Lutron switches! I love mine and they are probably the most reliable HomeKit products I own.

  6. Another good video Eric!

    I enjoy seeing the ‘real world’ experiences from manufacturers other than Lutron. As I’ve commented previously, I made the decision to follow the Lutron Caseta path when I began my #HomeKit journey…and, aside from my Insignia garage door controller, I’ve stuck to that plan.

    I think I’d have to agree that someone who wants to ‘test the waters’, or knows that they will only ever have a small number of smart switches on their property, may be best to use a brand such as Belkin – but if you’re planning to do multiple rooms and/or plan for many (3 or more?) devices, just avoid any hassles and go with the Lutron.

    * I realize that everyone’s aesthetic tastes differ, but after trying multiple switch and wallplate configurations – the Lutron switches combined with a cheap, standard wallplate looks good. I tried the more expensive wallplates and wasn’t really impressed.
    Additionally, over the months that was adding my Lutron switches, I also upgraded any non-smart switches to the flat Dacor style. I think it ended-up costing me a little less than $2/per…but makes for a nice, consistent look throughout the house.

    Anyways. Thanks again for your videos.


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