20 thoughts on “Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars in 2019 – GuitarSquid Reviews

  1. I've got an inspired by 1964 epiphone texan and for 700 bucks its a steal, easily outplayed and sounded much better than any guitar in its price range, only problem is the electronics the Nano shadow lacks clarity and punch.

  2. Fake review, fake comments, fake likes and fake channel.. She never played these guitars, found the info about these guitars on the internet..At least if we could hear these damn guitars! Dont trust that ROBOT, all this is, is way to put her cheap affiliate link in the description..lol

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about epiphone hummingbird pro and you have confirmed all the good stuff, i will to get one for my cousin for his birthday, i am sure he will be over the moon.

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