Black Expats In Chiang Mai | Lawrence Binkey Tolefree

Met up with the talented Lawrence Binkey Tolefree. He is an Emcee, Poet, BEST host in the Chi, Actor, Improv Actor, standup comic, Mentor, Teacher, and a Lover of all people. Our conversation was awesome and I learned a lot. Be sure to check out his Facebook Page at Lawrence Binkey Tolefree.
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27 thoughts on “Black Expats In Chiang Mai | Lawrence Binkey Tolefree

  1. I think the best thing about this is seeing this man look so relaxed…I don't think we realize how in the United States so many of us black Americans are just tense and stressed even when we're doing what we like and we're happy. Theres still this underlying tension and I don't see that with him or even with a lot of the black people who come to United States from other countries, there is an absence of that stress and tension and it's good to see this young man without that burden. Makes me happy, I want this for more of us 😊🤗

  2. So many memories! That picture at 10:41 gave me life and almost brought me to tears, so many friends that I said goodbye to after living there for 2 years myself. Thanks for a great vid, I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Binkey so this was a nice way to get to know more about him.

  3. How awesome! Binkey, my husband and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. Talking middle school, high school and remain friends now. His Chicago fam is so proud of him!

  4. Lawrence needs a YT channel, would love to follow his journey… he is so interesting. I'm also from Chicago… South Side!

  5. Thank you for this – oh so much love to my beautiful black brothers. You are love. Spike Lee you are my hero. So wonderful – this made my day🌹

  6. I'm always interested in how and why people live in another country for a shorter time or a longer time. It was cool hearing Binkey's story. I always respect those who can hustle to survive using good skills.

  7. Around the 8:12 mark, the gentleman in the video is touching upon an awakening that a special select of the diaspora is currently encountering. Earlier this year, God revealed the following dream to me: There was this elderly African tribes woman who appeared to be like a medicine woman or high priestess leader of some sorts. She was standing in the midst of several wind chimes. She was holding something that I could not remember what it was. If I remember correctly, I think it was one of those triangular bells that one would hit to let it be known that "it is time" for something to take place. Then she stated something, but I can't remember what it was. But whatever it was, it was of great importance and very prophetic. Not to far off from her, there were hundreds of Black Americans all walking together towards one direction. In the midst of all of this, I heard beautiful choral singing. The singing was very passionate and very soulful in the form of black American gospel choral singing. It was very beautiful and soul stirring. The dream itself was very beautiful. God revealed that dream to me. The elderly tribes woman is Mother Africa. The reason for the masses of Black Americans walking in the same direction is because Mother Africa is calling or signaling for her children in America to come back home. When God revealed the meaning of this dream to me, my spirit leaped with so much joy. It made perfectly good sense as to why I had been feeling this fire in my spirit to move to Africa and why so many others maybe feeling the same way. However, I also felt in this dream, not everyone received this calling. Only the ones that were meant to be called were called.

  8. The black experience is a channel about black ppl living in Asia like korea china and japan. It is interesting check it out

  9. This is awesome. But please understand, we need to be prepared to support Afrika. Colonization had a devastating affect on our Motherland & we must come to the understanding of mutual symbiosis.

    Just as we need a home, we deserve prosperity, we want to all be reunited and restored after the horrific historic events of colonization & slavery, RESTORATION WORKS BOTH WAYS.

    We must join forces with reputable individuals and organizations to send support before (or as) we move about. Afrika needs people, skills, money, whatever you can do to help a 'Wakanda'-like reality to emerge.

    Contact Arikana Chihombori-Quao. She is heaven-bent on reconnecting The Diaspora with The Mother Continent. She can help you decide a vision of what to do and how to proceed.

    Our future is glorious. Peace to all.

  10. I want to used your platform to let you guys know, the is a free land for African return back to Ghana, please know disrespects NO CHINESE, WHITE, NIGERIAN. I’m still finding more information about it and post the chief phone number

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