BOOM Complete Playthrough – Old Macintosh Game

This is the unregistered version, saving or starting from a level was not an option. We did this in one sitting.
No continues were used until level 80, the final boss.

Update 2017/04/13: The website is now down, so the original description below may be out of date. Links have been changed to archived versions of what they were.

BOOM was originally released in 1996 by Factor Software (Federico Filipponi). It has since been updated for modern day OS and can be purchased on his website. The unregistered version is available for free.

World 1 – 0:00:02 (0:15:22)
World 2 – 0:16:22 (0:33:51)
World 3 – 0:35:20 (0:54:55)
World 4 – 0:56:00 (1:20:21)
World 5 – 1:21:29 (1:46:42)
World 6 – 1:51:44 (2:15:48)
World 7 – 2:19:47 (2:44:40)
World 8 – 2:46:36 (3:09:49)

The following websites provide the tools and software we use to play these games:

We played version 1.1.4 of the game, and “aim locking” (where an enemy will perpetually fire at a player despite a wall separating the two, giving the other player a chance to kill it) which we used a lot does not work from version 1.2 onward.

We also used to have a lot of fun with a bug which would cause a player to get stuck inside a block if the two players collided in a certain way. This was fixed in version 1.0.1 however, so we could not reproduce it. (Well, partially fixed. 3:10:45.)

Complete version history:


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28 thoughts on “BOOM Complete Playthrough – Old Macintosh Game

  1. I loved this game when I was a child, I used to play on my parents Macintosh^^ Is there any chance someone made an app of this great game?

  2. I have it on the PC :), yes there is a PC version.

    I think it was an unofficial port, but its more or less the same.

  3. (sorry for bad english, that's not my first language) When i was playing this game, there was a problem, and the computer crashed when we use any continue, so if we wanted tout finish the game, it was without using any continue

  4. my brothers and I poured tons of hours into this demo. Loved two player one keyboard games. Probably got the game from a MacAddict disk.

  5. Good news, today I make my first Points-Entry into the highscores. After killing the endgegner it switched to level one again, at the first moment I thought the programm is freaking me, but a yellow star beneth the counter was new. Last time I make it up to the 80th and the blabla shows up but no Highscorefillframe I shut down the Performa instantly.

    Boom again tomorrow 🙂

  6. My siblings and I played this game, and we played it in the same way as well, where we would have to start over if we died. I never got past the 40s level on my own, and I've never killed the final boss.

  7. This game was no walk in the park. You guys deserve a trophy for finishing this game!.

    Not anyone can pull this off. I don't know what else to say!.

    I am truly amazed!. Great work!.

  8. I absolutely loved this game as a kid! I did buy a registered version back in the day, but the code is now lost. I recently redownloaded it but to my dismay cannot register for the full version anywhere! Does anyone know how to get hold of the full registered version/buy it online?

  9. how can i get the game on windows 7 classic ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i need this game like now???? Hello!!!

  10. This game was a ton of fun. Thanks for releasing this video. What are the chances you have ever tried out Starbound II? That is another fantastic old school game.

  11. Guys, I have bad news, factor software, the guy(s?) who made this have shut down. I think there is copy of boom out there but I'm not sure.

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