45 thoughts on “Cách điều trị mụn viêm, Mụn bọc sau khi dùng KEM TRỘN không rõ nguồn gốc ( part 3 )-bài101

  1. I understand that watching these videos is inherently gross, but why do people insist on putting all the junk on their gloves. That’s just added grossness. 🤢

  2. Vừa coi nặng mụn vừa nghe cô giải thích kỹ càng nghe rất hay😍😍😍😍… mong rằng mấy bạn bị mụn nặng sẽ được cô chữa nhanh nhanh hết… thấy tội da mấy bạn quá 😥😥😥😥

  3. Your damaging the already fragile skin by dragging you nails across, bloodbath. You need to watch acne clear.

  4. today in relaxing spa we continue with treatment even though patient now have MRSA. we must get those blackheads. they must be impaled on a spear and dug out with razor sharp nails. MRSA can wait. Blackhead are the real enemies

  5. Please do not put that gunk on your fucking hand.. Why?? Its nasty, dirty, unnecessary.. Why? Just answer why? What's the point? Why? It RUINS your channel.

  6. I stumbled across several videos from this person where they are using a “translator app “ to explain what she is doing. It is very interesting!! She says she is the #1 skin person in Vietnam. She says she has done millions of faces. She also has a lot of different pieces of equipment to extract what is left in the pores and does not leave scarring. I have subscribed to her videos. Most of the people that do this for a living don’t show us the “complete process “ because most of us just want to see the “pops “.

  7. WOOOOW SHUT UP PLEASE AND BREATH FOR GOD SAKE WOW HAHA JESUS! .. and I never get it – why pierce black and whiteheads with a wound when u can see its just as easy to push it out without pricing the skin?! and in my world when u do that, u just push the black etc. longer into the skin and makes it harder to get out?? U can almost see it in some videos

  8. Wha sort of Mickey Mouse collage did you go to to learn ho2 to do this, you are butchering this ads face, he will be left it’s scars.

  9. From watching so many of these videos I think they continue to ruin these peoples faces by plucking & poking the pores. And I think it only makes new & more infected pores. Plus all the scarring they are doing to these peoples faces. All I can say you may be considered a professional pimple popper but you are just an evil shameful person for continually poking & tearing up & causing more problems with their faces.

  10. Dear Hien, is there anything to help this young boy? Is there anything to help speed his healing up? A paste, a cream , antibiotics, anything to help this Dear Sweet youngboy to not feel so very bad abt himself. Please help this young boy, please.

  11. The person needs to actually empty their pores when they get home (that they payed her to do) or they will have to keep going back quicker. Professional 🙄😤

  12. Thank you Penny Hardwick-Smith! Good manners are free and they make these blogs so much more fun. We are talking about the issues around dermatological procedures. Let's share ideas without being bullies. Please take her advice!

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