40 thoughts on “CADILLAC XT6 at PGA 2019 with Undercover TRUMP???

  1. That new midsize Cadillac is fugly. I hope Cadillac does not f-up the 2021 Escalade or I will not lease another. I love my 2017 Escalade.

  2. It just looks like a luxury version of a Travers. This suv, the Travers and Enclave is the same truck if you look at the side profile. .. Cadillac needs to leave GM and go out on their own…everything is the same just like the Escalade is the same as the Yukon and Tahoe

  3. lol you are crazy man who would have thought big truck sitting in the back seat of a Cadillac with Trump i thought he was gonna say ok well you look like Biggie

  4. Big Truck got his head pinned up against the roof as usual. Lol 😂 One of my farts would disable all the massaging functions on that seat!

  5. nice vid man (y). Maybe you can tell to cadillac when you got the chance to make some inputs in their models like: Ambient lightings (good looking like in the mercedes) and electrical headrest ?these are small things that they really neglect that could make their brand even better looking especially in europe.

  6. I agree; that stop/start is the biggest piece of garbage to come down the pike. I just saw a review of a new Buick Regal Tour X.  GM is putting in a 250hp turbo motor and the car doesn't give you an option for turning off the start/stop.

  7. I'm a Cadillac fan and own a CT6 platinum and I want them to win but my god I wish they would step their interior game up. I know they are not going to compete with the Germans but they need to just get away a little from being for older people. They need to make Cadillac a separate brand and give R&D more money since it's their high gross brand.

  8. Hmmm that is a equinox and that 3.6 has had a fatal flaw at 65k to 85k miles….timing chain tensioner fails 100% of the time. I had a 09 Teaverse and sold it in 3 years with 49k miles and loved driving it.

  9. If the manual says premium fuel recommended, you use it! You do not want to fill up your cats. The sales lady is trying to make a sale so hard, you can put maple syrup in the oil…PLEASE BUY THIS CAR!!!!

  10. Dude… I don't understand you folks with your love for crossovers.. worse handling, way more expensive, etc. Y'all killed the sedan, assholes =[

  11. 400 is nm tq for the 3.6 which I don’t get why they didn’t shove the 3.0 and 4.2 blackwing tt cadillac should stray away from using gm parts and engines to separate them from the lower brands hopefully they change in the coming years

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