Callaway X Series Review BY Advanced PGA Professional Kevin Delaney

in this video we take a look at the exceptionally good value Callaway X Series Clubs. We take them on the golf course and take a look at how they perform out there . this is all filmed at Theydon Bois Golf Club, should you wish to book a time or talk about the clubs please ring 01992813054 or go to our web site

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11 thoughts on “Callaway X Series Review BY Advanced PGA Professional Kevin Delaney

  1. Finally, a golf you tuber that speaks essex…. Too many bloody northerners on ere!
    These look like an ideal set for someone who's played a round or 2, possibly with borrowed clubs or hand me downs and wants to get a decent set without spending a fortune. I got back into golf last year and decided to go for second hand clubs but these were on my shortlist.

  2. I’m a mid handicapper (10/11). I have been using big Bertha graphite irons 2004 range which are good clubs but I feel are outdated and I want to move to steel clubs. I hit the ball far enough 145 with a 9 iron so wouldn’t be looking at these clubs for much more distance. Do you think I could take my handicap to 6/7/8 with clubs like these? Do you feel like they could improve the game of someone like myself who plays a lot or are they more for beginners? Cheers

  3. So you're telling me there's no jailbreak technology, there's no twist face, there's no speed slot, no movable weights, no gravity core, how on earth am I supposed to hit these things?

  4. Great video sir. There aren't enough reviews out there for those of us that don't want to spend $800 to $1000; I appreciate a review of the mid range stuff

  5. Thanks for the info Kevin! Q. Should a 18 hc ( mid level) like myself get fitted clubs? I am 5 ft 8 but am pretty good with standard clubs. But I do feel like their to long for me. Thanks

  6. I use the XR 16 Range still, but I have seen these clubs at my local American Golf store and they look fine. I'm a mid/high handicap player, so would they be aimed at players like me, or just to get some people solely out on the golf course?

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