28 thoughts on “Can A New Player Get Into Final Fantasy XIV in 2019?

  1. Thanks for this, I'm trying to overlook the sub fee thats all that held me back. But Im gonna suck it up and play especially since its only $30 for all of the expansions with the ps4 sale right now!

  2. I appreciate this video and yout opinions and thoughts I even dig your voice and tone but god damn dude this video could of been 10 min tops. You spend alot of time repeating the same points 50 times and dragging out a simple point or thought

  3. There’s an apt parallel between the content of your video and the point you’re trying to make. First 10 minutes are pointless, boring, unprofessional and skippable.

  4. If the quest text was 100% voice acted it would be no problem but trying to give life to walls of texts for like 200 hours is a bit rough

  5. I have played this game a few times, but I cannot remember my memb ID name. When you click on "forgot ID or password" all they give you is the option to change your password…they don't do anything for people who forgot their ID??

  6. Preferred Servers have double XP? Gud2Kno!

    Grindy up to lvl 30? Hmm… So what changes after lvl 30? XD

    I'm guessing that FFXIV is perceived as harder to hit lvl cap not only b/c new players have to do all previous content (unless buy a Skip Book) but b/c new players are wondering if they are going to "hit a wall" when they will need other leveling players to progress who just aren't there ("dead zones" problem, etc). Are new players going to be able to find a guild group?

    Every game that has been out for at least one month (sometimes even before launch) has elitists and players who are not friendly to new players. That said, there will always be veteran players willing to teach or help new players out too.

    Right now, the community numbers are doing well so new players will likely be able to find kindred spirits to have fun with. (When a game's numbers start dwindling, grouping starts to require more effort.) There's probably leveling/social guilds alongside lvl cap guilds that only do the latest content. But how welcoming an older game is to new players is a matter of design and community not just grind or content.

  7. If any of you want this game its $30 right now for complete edition with all expansions up to shadowbringers and 1 month of sub included.

  8. Can someone tell me how is the PVP in this game? I'm looking into this game and i know the pve is amazing but PVP is the main attraction for me in MMOS. Can somebody explain how is the pvp in more details? Is it balanced? Open world pvp?

  9. I really wanted to get into FF14, but the story was boring and never caught me. It was slow and grindy. I know the first toon was always ment to be harder, but theres SO MUCH story to get trough.. I think i made it to like 32 and i had to quit

  10. I think why bother playing ff at all its always about the story. All FF games have come with stories. But like any game .. you dont like stories .. skip them or dont play them. If it didn't have a story people would complain the game was boring with no point to it. People just need to get over it.

  11. I remember playing this back when it was just A Realm Reborn. No expansions, but it lost me around level 20. Was too slow and i left. Sadly there are two other things that kill it for me: one, you had to buy it and pay a fee. Two, tab targeting. I kind wish I had never played Tera, or any games that had a "Free" or fully free, combat system: ESO, BDO, GW2, etc. They basically spoiled me, and now I can never go back to Tab-Target. It feels clunky and boring. Ugh…. Which sucks, cause I know those games are good, I just cant get into it anymore.

  12. Should I get this on PS4. I haven’t enjoyed many multiplayer games recently, and I want to get into an mmo because they have more content than most other games nowadays.

  13. I just got it 2 days ago and I'm having a F@#$_&-+ BLAST with this game the story is much darker then what I thought it would be I'm lvl 41 now and I'm looking for a crew or guild to join up with

  14. Very well done man; people might have got on you for taking time to emphasize stuff, but you 100% brother people need to understand what they are getting into with this game lol

  15. I’m just stumbling across final fantasy but is it worth something I should try? And any advice or helpful tips would be useful if so.

  16. i have been doing alot of other quest and not just the story.. im 28 lvl, the story is at around 18..lol other then that im having fun

  17. I'm the kinda person that cares about the story and reads the quests only to be dissapointed by how shallow everything is.

  18. I really can't agree with skipping ARR and then going to HW. ARR sets the stage for how mysterious Ishgard is and the post-ARR MSQ sets the tone for the WoL ends up in Ishgard. Same with Stormblood – it probably has the weakest story of the major arcs, but it establishes two important things: 1) even though the WoL can stand toe-to-toe with primals, the Garlean Empire is ludicrously powerful and full of guys that can kick your ass handily, and 2) the Garleans are unambiguously the Bad Guys and all their talk about technology and enlightenment is a smokescreen for some really malign shit.

    My advice to new players: Just enjoy the story. It's a slow burn, but worthwhile in the end. You're not going to feel as invested in the world you're playing in if you skip over all the harrowing shit taking place within it.

  19. Been playing since April and just hit the start of stormblood. Shadowbringers feels within sight. Especially with how heavily its hinted at in the post heavensward patch quests.

  20. Best video ever because I’m on the fence to buy it and you convinced me to get it. Do you think we will see updates even when ps5 is out and for many years to come still

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