Cheerios: Very Berry, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon Review

This is a taste test/review of Cheerios Cereal in three varieties including Very Berry, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon. They were $2 each at Meijer.
* Very Berry and Apple Cinnamon ¾ cup (28g) = 110 calories
* Chocolate ¾ cup (27g) = 100 calories

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22 thoughts on “Cheerios: Very Berry, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon Review

  1. Kevin, I have never liked Cheerios either. Good review. I would like to try the apple cinnamon against Apple Jacks which is a cereal I love especially as a snack.

  2. Hey Kevin you and Tami should try the frosted cheerios they are the best and my favorite out of all the cheerios.

  3. Kevin with the first box.."They smell like Cheerios"…not a good start. And Strike 1…Strike 2…Foul-tipped Strike 3…and Kevin's aversion to Cheerios continues. Hate to admit it but I would bet a cardboard box would taste better than regular cheerios-like a Pretzel box with a salty residue. Even as a kid I never liked Cheerios even though my Mom bought the all the time. Tried a couple of the flavored ones and frosted and still don't like any of them except the Banana Nut and the Peach ones. These reviews of cereals you've never tried have been such fun-brings back a lot of memories.

  4. I’m with Kevin. The only time I liked Cheerios was when I was in the hospital and had surgery. Then it tasted great. I guess it was the anesthesia 😳

  5. I can’t believe that cereal companies haven’t implemented resealable bags by now.. or at least provide one of those reseal tapes on the bag.

  6. i love cheerios but its crazy how many different types they make. i feel like half the cereal aisle is just different varieties of cheerios these days lol. i dont eat much cereal anymore but i used to eat the plain ones and the multigrain ones religiously. it would be nice if they made small variety packs of just cheerios so you can try out the flavors without committing to a whole box since they make so many.

  7. I like the berry best and the apple cinnamon was okay when had those…i agree with kevin cherrois have a flavor and taste thats different

  8. Am I weird for being obsessed with plain cheerios?(used to be obsessed because I dont eat much cereal anymore) I actually used to eat bowls of them and I would go through boxes of them every week lol. My parents ended up buying the giant size boxes from Sam's club just for me 😄 they weren't super flavorful but I loved the texture and oat flavor it had.

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