Count Specific Character Number Space in Excel Hindi

Teachtoeach video on “how count specific character number space in excel hindi. This trick explain count occurrences of character in excel with syntax and examples.

With the help of this video you can use:

1) Count specific character in excel hindi

2) Count specific number in excel hindi

3) Count space in excel hindi

In first Step, we use Len function:-

Len Function Syntax

LEN( text ) = The string to return the length for.

In Second Step, we use Substitute function:-

Syntax of Substitute Function:-

SUBSTITUTE( text, old_text, new_text, [nth_appearance] )

Parameters or Arguments
The original string to use to perform the substitution.
The existing characters to replace.
The new characters to replace old_text with.

Optional. It is the nth appearance of old_text that you wish to replace. If this parameter is omitted, then every occurrence of old_text will be replaced with new_text.

Then we substract both the formula to get the actual lenth of character.

It is a very difficult task to anyone. If you are really interested to learn this trick then this video never lets you down.

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14 thoughts on “Count Specific Character Number Space in Excel Hindi

  1. Hi I have a question
    I have a column including Name
    I want the count only those name in which if third character is (a), how will I get to know this

  2. i have use this formula but there is no result found, i want remove first space remove and last space remove, i have use trim, substitute and find & replace formula, but not result found. so how to solve this problem

  3. ashish ji.. mujhe excel me counting likhni hai column by columan to kayse likhenge formula ke sath jayse 1 to 100 tak s.r no likhna hai to ham manual likhte h na.. iske liye koye formula h.

  4. I want to apply multi functions in command button. i am fresher in excel and required codes to perform certain functions The functions to do with command button are as folllows.-

    1. Task for Print and save invoice button should be, it should save invoice details like invoice no., date, amount of different taxes i.e. tax1, tax2 etc., final amount after taxes, to table in sheet2. also the invoice should save in pdf and xlsx format in desired drive along with that, invoice should print simultaneously first

    I have tried using code for clear and new invoice which works perfectly but i need codes for print and save invoice button.
    codes for clear and new invoice i tried

    Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() Range("a10").Value = Range("a10").Value + 1 Cells(9, 5) = Date Range("c12:d31") = ClearContents
    End Sub

    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()

    codes for print and invoice save invoice is required.
    please help in provinding codes for print and save invoice button.

    images for better understanding.

  5. sir – agar mujhe kisi alphabet ke baad ke pure word chahiye rahenge to formula kaise banega, e.g. 40 x 10 x 10 ye ek cell me hai to mujhe first x ke baad ke jo bhi details hai wo chahiye means "x 10 x 10" to ye details konse formula se milegi, please suggest

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