47 thoughts on “Creating Drop Down Lists in Excel 2010

  1. How do you make it so all the items in your list show up in the very top head filter button, so you can filter it per whichever item in your list?

  2. I got a question on your video to create drop down list. The question is. you have created the drop down list and now you are able to choose from it but what is there are more information that goes along with your list that would never change unless you make change in raw data? Such as I have my class students name drop down list and wanna to have their parents contact info, address, and phone number? How do I make drop down list that applies related information after selected cell?

  3. works wonderfully… question… if I am "adding" data to a calendar I have to keep the original csv/ICS file… ??… can't start with a blank one to enter new data?… is there a way to stop from overwriting the whole thing?

  4. Thanks very much ….God bless you for this wonderful presentation you have done for the world…I am from Sierra Leone…

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