15 thoughts on “Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

  1. I miss the old look of the delicious emily games, or like the winter holiday look was really good but this new style makes them look so creepy… especially the new fabulous angela trailer they made…

  2. I don’t know if I liked the “ending” of this game not that it was a bad one I actually loved it and enjoyed playing it, but this one felt kind of final…do you think they’ll continue to make more Emily games? Or have they ran out of storylines…? Not really interested in Delicious World of Emily version. Also since when was Patrick a jerk when they first met??? Did I miss something???

  3. DUUUUUUUDE this was one of the best stories yet from gamehouse. So much fun to watch and kinda moving honestly.

    But let's be honest, if I wanted to do a story garden like it, I wouldn't do it like Patrick did, because let's be honest, if I were Patrick instead of him, then I would not enter the Snuggford gardening competition because of what Francois did, because I would feel dishonest if I were doing it that way. Instead to do a story garden, if I were doing it, I would let my friends (or whoever else who wanna help) to plant a random plant every time I had a great moment in my life. But still that was the best.

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