Did a New BIG 4 Send Djoker/Fed Packing in Shanghai ? | Coffee Break Tennis

Matt talks 2019 Shanghai Masters SEMIFINALS/QUARTERFINALS and the wonders if many people are thinking this could be the new normal on the ATP Tour sooner or later?
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27 thoughts on “Did a New BIG 4 Send Djoker/Fed Packing in Shanghai ? | Coffee Break Tennis

  1. Easy😂😂😂😂😂it's a long way and all Novak, Rafa, Roger had many many injuries so I personally admire them and just because these 3 guys I watch tennis just when they play all this new generation is to much arrogant and that's my opinion they don't show Respect for Tennis for all what until now have achieved N, R, F. They think oooo I won against all three of 2 two or 3 times they are flying to 🔜. These guys are not finished yet just watch and enyoj💯💯💯NOLE, Rafa, Federer all three 💯 HUGEE RESPECT.

  2. Medvedev will dominate Zverev, Tsitsipas, Berrettini like Federer did Hewitt, Roddick, Safin. No new Big Four yet. Just one good NextGen in a weak era.

  3. will be very sad for tennis after retirement of some big four seeing him at 45 years beating #1 in exhibition match

  4. Short Answer: NO. The Big 4 have been done and gone for 4 years now right? and EVERY time they've come back and proved everyone wrong. Just look who won the last 12 Grand Slams? Any more questions?

  5. look out for Egor Gerasimov also. One of the few players to have the serve accuracy of federer and kyrios, and one of the few to have given medvedev a good game in recent months.

  6. It's a good discussion about the 'what if' question. And indeed 2020s GS will prove or falsify whether the new guys are supplanting the big 3. For me the key sign is that the number of new guys that can beat the big 3 is growing (iso Kyrgios, Zverev or Thiem at rare occasions) but we have at least half a dozen that are more threatening. Thus increasing the chances of an upset in the GS. Fun times ahead. Even being a Fed fan I didn't mind to see 4 young guys in the semi's. Fed's level wasn't that great in Shanghai anyway. Let's see if Basel can give the maestro a boost for Paris and the WTC.

  7. I would't read too much into those Djoko/Fed losses – there is a (hidden) script being adhered to by the Big 3…let's wait until the Big 3 stop winning slams. Djoko and Nadal are only 32 and 33 respectively and (Djoko in particular) can carry on strong for several more years.

  8. Finally the young guys are hunting in packs just like how big 3 used to do.. its not possible for just one guy to take down the big 3… its just too much to ask.. Tsitsipas + Medvedev + Zverev

  9. Sorry, can’t compare Medvedev to Djokovic except for the fact that he rallies effectively. He has a better serve far better volleying skills and of course 🤨 a better overhead smash 🤣

  10. Great video. Completely agreed on the big 3 still probably dominating in 2020, but maybe there’s an outside shot at Medvedev stealing a slam or Thiem at the French if Nadal isn’t healthy.

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