10 thoughts on “DJ Loc and King JB- Juicey Coochie

  1. Ybor late 90s early 00s !!!! Dj Loc King Jb 662 1st techno Mix CD they made for sale in ybor shops. Still have all their CDs with the Anime Covers. Played this hundreds of times. Too many scratches to listen to now. So….. THANK YOU! This is the one that started it all. Beautiful , soulstimulator, x-tra juicy, 4 the people, bling bling, lay down, true, miracle, flat line, juicy coochie 2000, decadance, showing all, mesmerize, brain damage, off the hook, your not ready, king….. etc….

  2. OH YEAH!!! been wondering when this was going to show up here. This and Electric Orgasms [FBI] was def my favorites from back then. Many cheers for sharing them!!

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