Don't Forget Your Trunks – Bathing Elephants in Chiang Mai

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Bamboo Elephant Family Care sanctuary in Chiang Mai. In our nearly 3 weeks travelling, this has been our most exciting moment!
This vlog is a little out of sequence (we’re aiming to release our vlogs sequentially based on when we visited a particular place) but this experience was so amazing, we couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

There are dozens of potential sanctuaries to visit in Chiang Mai. You are literally spoiled for choice. Our guesthouse alone had over 20 on offer, each with their own different daily itinerary and reputation.
After extensive research, we settled upon visiting Bamboo Elephant Family Care, mostly due to their ethical care (they advertise themselves as a “No Hooks, No Chains, and No Riding” sanctuary, which was a requirement for us. We didn’t want to support any company that would abuse these amazing creatures.
The company had rave reviews on TripAdvisor, with 143 ‘Five Star’ reviews, 12 ‘Four Stars’, and 2 ‘Three Stars’, with no ‘Two Star’ or ‘One Star’ reviews. We also chose this company because, with our discount from Kamala’s Guesthouse, we got to join this experience for only 1200 Thai Baht (the equivalent of $55 Australian), which made it one of the cheapest tours on offer! AND they included an amazing Pad Thai lunch.
The host was incredibly funny and informative, and we could not recommend this more.
Thanks again Thailand, you’ve been a blast!


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