Dustin Johnson / Coyote Falls – Rory McIlroy PGA Tour | PS4 Pro Gameplay

Well this was quite a bit harder than the last video…. Thanks for watching boys 🙂
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35 thoughts on “Dustin Johnson / Coyote Falls – Rory McIlroy PGA Tour | PS4 Pro Gameplay

  1. Nice Video thx for playing Rory,but I can't go back from The Golf Club 2019 to this unrealistic Game! I've played it a lot, and loved it in a way… but back no! Anyway …hole 10 the blow into the rocks and then into the valley! Clearly it was a bug! Then I still noticed that you very often too far with putts targeted next to it! And I think you have the realism of TGC in your head sometimes, but plays Rory where the movements are displayed on the green not so much affect! 😉😃

  2. Holy fuck chill out. Your videos make me want to go and fuck myself. How can you be that shitty at putting in a fucking game.

  3. in this game it either goes completely straight or is shanked to an insane degree. you miss by the smallest amount and the game reacts like you when sideways with the joy stick or something. it needs to be more gradual with the inaccuracy and not one extreme or the other

  4. I wish TGC2019 had the developer support these games had. It would be amazing to see HB Official fantasy courses coming out regularly. If the next Golf Club game comes out with better commentary, actual PGA pros and real life irons, drivers, putters, etc it would outclass every golf game ever made

  5. Hey mate, I've just started my own channel on here…(I'm not plugging it) but my first video is uploading now and it's one I'd really like you to see…Once you read the description of it when it uploads you'll understand why…I hope you can make it happen…Thanks for all of your great videos too…Keep em coming…

  6. Surprised you would be able to put a video up today considering the party in Ireland yesterday. Are you going to do a royal portrush on the golf club?

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