Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (JPN) – CAW Empires Solo Invasion Chaos Difficulty (HD)

Soloing an invasion on ruler mode in lates of the scenario, made efficiently quick due to the useful skirmishes card (limits 4 maximum officers employed per side).

So which is less difficult to accomplish, doing this at beginning or at the end? It’s actually quite the same because you still die in 3-4 hits from an officer or lt. Nevertheless you have the ability to use more cards, even something like the fire cards would work well here.

P.S: The Valkyrie DLC set rocks.

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14 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (JPN) – CAW Empires Solo Invasion Chaos Difficulty (HD)

  1. Wow this is truly difficult, neither with Lu Bu am I able to win an invasion alone on Master o.O I'm keeping his previous weapon, I've learned all training abilities.. and still not enough 🙁

  2. You can't do it in DW6 either, or DW5, or DW4, or any regular DW to date. But this is DW Empires. The Empires series has slightly cheaper graphics and not as much story as the mainstream DW line, but instead it lets you be a ruler or in DW6 Empires, a Ruler's officer. In the Empires series that runs alongside most DW games you can set invasions, control troops, form relationships with troops, and create officers among other features. Remember, the "Empires" subtitle makes all the difference!

  3. This version of empires is worse than the fifth one. I'm buying the ps2 to play the 5th empires. Why? First, the 6th empires lacks of officers controlling. We are unable to employ no more than 20 officers or less. Second, the 6th glitches. Some of factions' color or officers' uniforms aren't their original color but all blue color. Finally, I still don't like Lu Bu's weapon of choice. He should have used the Halper instead of two "chopsticks"

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