Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires – Zhao Yun Quotes and Events

I know the vid’s a little rough around the edges, but I have zero editing skills plus there’s been a lot of real life burdens.

During the making of this, I heard my main character’s marriage quote for the first time and to my surprise, it sounds exactly like something I’d say. xD I had to add it in.

I’m aware there’s 2-4 quotes missing, but with the way things have been lately, I just didn’t have the time. I may re-upload this in the future when things aren’t so chaotic.

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37 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires – Zhao Yun Quotes and Events

  1. Zhao Yun: You seem tired. Here. rest for awhile. I will be by your side~
    sister: and then they "went there"
    me: *facedesk* *giggles*

  2. lol HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! *points spear at ruler* i disagree with your suggestion

    i dont think zhao Yun is good at politics

  3. @modernwarfare9294
    To put briefly:
    As a vagabond – Find and save them in a merc mission then befriend them (not all merc missions trigger the friend event though). Afterwards, bring them with you into battles.
    As an officer – Same as vagabond, unless they're serving under someone. In that case, you must serve under their ruler for a set time while doing merc missions/jobs requested by them. 'Diplomacy' from your ruler will speed things up a lot.
    As a ruler – Take over territories using them.

  4. @maxwel2543
    I try to answer questions to the best of my ability when I can. ^_^
    Are you referring to 'Champion of the People?' achievement? If so, the only way I've ever done it was to become an officer and serve under a ruler for a while. I always had a friend or two with me and they'd always eventually try to persuade me to overthrow my ruler. I don't recall how long it took exactly though; I very rarely play as an officer nowadays. =(

  5. Question if you answer questions, how do you unlock the achievement where people want you to be ruller, i been trying every missions set possible with tons of com binations of friends

  6. Actually, what happened to 3.38? Could there be something like that? I don't know there will be such thing…
    Ooh… And I also want to be with Yun!!!

  7. @indoguyz
    You are correct. =P
    Normally, I wouldn't do such a thing, but this was rushed so I threw it in there without having to start an entirely different game.

  8. Wha…? Ma Chao: "….our liege…" Ma Yunlu? If I remember correctly, Ma Yunlu is Ma Chao's sister? Is it? Would be funny as hell if it is!

  9. @SchwarzwindSin Huh. Sounds like someone I'd actually have as a friend. Actually, sounds exactly like a friend of mine. 0.o Is your name Alexis, by any chance???

  10. @BiasedGuy123
    Seeing as this CaW is based upon myself, I've often heard the same about me. But one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. ^_~ She can be aloof, but generally cordial.

  11. @DarkPaladin24
    You can only befriend officers who aren't under the service of a ruler. If you join the army they are in though, you can still join their faction, swear an oath, or marry them, but they won't be in your group and under your control unless you overthrow their ruler.

  12. hey i kept getting chances to join General Zhao Yun's faction instead of making him my friend, what am i suppose to do?

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