28 thoughts on “[ENGSUB] Running Man Episode 293 Yoo Yeon Seok Support HaHa

  1. He is so caring. Watching him try to stop the bleeding is amazing and shows us how unique he is. Thanks. ❤❤❤👍

  2. Yeon Seok really looks like Sehun just like siblings..especially in Imagine your Korea promotion video.. at first glance he really resemble Yeon Seok 😊😘

  3. Who else is feeling strong second lead syndrome for Mr. Sunshine because Yeon Seok’s character isn’t going to end up with Ae-Sin. Like, I feel like their romance would be more interesting and the age gap isn’t TWENTY FRIGGIN YEARS. Okay, I’m done. Let me get off my soap box now

  4. then i was wrong… because i thought "warm and cozy" drama made him famous but anieyo…. it was his drama "reply 1994"…. but anyways, it was worth it for me that i watched warm and cozy because it was also good :)))))

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