22 thoughts on “Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic-electric Guitar Demo – Sweetwater Sound

  1. DR Epiphone. I did call my Sweetwater sales engr Rob. I bought the all solid wood AJ45S 2 days ago. Paid 10 bucks xtra to FedEx to
    get it before Christmas. How cool is that? I started playing 70+ years ago. I own a nice Mrtin but wanted a backup guitar. Hope the AJ45
    lives up to the hype! And the FedEx folks don't smash it enroute.

  2. There are 2 of them. One is the original that saunds good. And the other is a cheper copy, that saunds orible. I haved one the copy. But i didint nuet after a frend has the original. At distans they look the same. color natural sitka and all! But looking it closely you will see that some dody is cheting us. And wen i play my frends one it blow my head of. The big diferent. I ended saling my aj 220 of sheet!

  3. Hey! im from argentina and im looking for a versatile guitar(to play indie, rock or bluse), low action to play with a piano, so it must be loud. Im between takamine g320, epiphone aj 200 or epiphone hummingbird. Wich one would you recomend me? if you know another model of guitar wich will be better and has a similar cost ill consider it as well, THANKS!

  4. Just bought this guitar a couple of days ago and it is fantastic…the tone is beatiful…especially with the medium gauge polyweb elixirs on it…highly recommend

  5. Can someone help me find out what this guitar is?

    Wye oak – civilian (live)

    Should be the third video of them in a balcony.

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