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  1. I have many Gibsons and many Epiphones. If you cannot afford a Gibson GO EPIPHONE. They are not Gibsons but they feel as good and if you are not playing a gig in front of 10 thousand people you will be happy. My Gibsons stay boxed and I only play my 7 Eppies at home or in small venues, so get one. Don`t get ripped off by Gibson prices. You will love a good Eppy and save yourself a fortune. Rock on and Enjoy

  2. Упрощённый вариант Gibson doves in flight. Цена смешная конечно, но интересно как реально звучит. Брайн на обзоре Гибсона более профессионально играет. И оборудование на том обзоре посолиднее.

  3. Nice Guitare , Nice sound and verry Beautifall ! …And Verry Great Guitarist !!! i WANT this Guitar ( i have a bass Guitar Epiphone EB-0 ) – ( i'm French, sorry for my english ortograph ! ) Thank you for the Beautifall Music 🙂

  4. I was lucky enough to get one of these for my 16th birthday- the thing plays almost like a taylor. I'll never need another acoustic. Best guitar in its price range.

  5. Very nice fingerpicking! I have a Dove and I love the sound and feel of it! There is no reason to go out and buy a Gibson for over 10x the price. Epiphone is owned by Gibson and I was blown away when I picked up and played this baby in a pawn shop by me. I would strongly suggest that you go and play whatever guitar you might want first in a music store-Guitar Center-Sam Ash- what have you, because not all guitars, even the best Martin’s, are not all created equal.
    I can’t emphasize this enough!
    I have a Martin HD-35 that I picked up back in 1989 and through the years I have played many other HD-35’s while in music stores, and I have yet to find one that feels, and sounds as nice as mine. There is a lot that goes in to finding the right guitar for you, and you owe it to yourself to try a few, and find one that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Hey, my relationship with my Martin has lasted longer than my marriage! lol All kidding aside, you can order a guitar on line, and you may get an ass kicking Axe, but why take the chance, when buying a nice guitar may be one of the bigger investments you make in your life, and an investment that will truly be close to your heart.
    This Epiphone Dove, the one I have, was a great investment, and everything about her is right on- from the feel, sound, action, looks and price!

  6. @ the end after 4:00 minute that's some amazing playability , is that the original composition ??, or some existing song, can you show some reference to learn that song/tabs

  7. This is a most professional review. I can't say enough about it. I found a Dove Pro in Taiwan and am about to drop some cash on it though I love Classic nylon guitars. There are so many guitars out there; it is confusing for a beginner. I refuse to listen to counsel about buying a toy guitar to see if I like the hobby or quest to learn. I believe it would be a mistake to devote a new found passion to something less than quality. I can give that piece of advice to myself and others. I one is serious about learning an instrument, buy something they will sound good and look good from the beginning. I know this from photography, though any camera is better than no camera at all. I do not believe this about acoustic guitars. I think you should start with quality, the Dove pro delivers. Great review; from a traveler expat in Taiwan.

  8. Hey. We would all love a Gibson dove. However, I can afford an excellent playing and sounding Epiphone dove. Gibsons are beautiful works of art that sound amazing but so is the price.

  9. I have a Gibson Dove from about '70 and can honestly attest to the poor quality workmanship and tone and volume deficiency of the Dove's produced by them back then. This one seems much more "responsive" and bright. Some differences in appointments, however, (the inlaid Dove on the pickguard is MOP on the Gibson and ebony fretboard on the Gibson — appears to be rosewood on the Epi) that really don't affect tone or playability. The Fishman electronics a big plus. Sweet guitar, all around. Thanks for the review.

  10. I Have a GIBSON SJ200 Vintage Sunburst which I' have for sale and I'm struggling over getting an Epi' guitar or another Takimine, the quality of the lesser priced guitars is exciting! Great REVIEW by the way, more of letting us hear how the guitar sounds and less of listening to the narrator, LoL! Cheers mate.

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