23 thoughts on “Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Review

  1. I just played a Epiphone Hummingbird pro yesterday,,,,I played several Yamahas, Ibanezs, a few ej 200s,,, n a $3,200 Gibson CJ 200,,,
    This $369. Dollar hummingbird pro made the $3,200. Gibson sound like crap.
    Do yourself a favor,,try one out,,,the guitar is alive with sound,,,the rest is in your hands.

  2. Don't waste your money. I bought a Hummingbird Pro on-line here in Australia and it's just been a disappointment. The intonation was off, the strings were cheap and the action was way too high to play with any comfort.
    But the worst part is the dull, muted tones of the guitar. The damn thing plays like it was spray painted with polyurethane or something. Even after all the work that has been done on it (which defeated the whole purpose of buying an Epiphone Hummingbird), the guitar still sounds dull and cheap.
    Just buy a Yamaha.
    This is the second time I've been stung by Epiphone. There won't be a third. It's not a good brand.

  3. I purchased a Hummingbird as it seemed to sound ok at the time. However, unplugged it is a disappointment. Sounds hollow and tinny. I later bought a Sigma (OMT-1STE+ only a tad more price wise) and there is no comparison. Even against my Takamine it falls short. So now it just sits on its stand attracting dust. I'm not saying it's a bad guitar for the price, but the positives are it is well constructed and solid, looks cool, is ok plugged in, but there are better instruments out there for your cash if you are looking for good unplugged sounds in addition to the Hummingbirds positives. 🙂

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