Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar review – A Cheap Acoustic That Sounds Amazing!

Dagan shows us the great sounds within the Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic guitar – a cheap acoustic guitar that certainly doesn’t suck!

Check out the Epiphone Pro-1 over at PMT Online:

The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is one of the best beginners guitars available, combining high quality craftmanship with superb tonewoods whilst remaining firmly within the budget friendly bracket.

This entry level acoustic guitar has been designed for younger players and pro players alike, especially those in need of a 2nd guitar or touring guitar that they can rely on. A huge amount of innovation has gone in to the construction of these guitars with a focus on making them as playable as possible.

The new EZ neck profile has been crafted to minimise hand fatigue and hand cramps – the worst things that can happen when you’re just learning to play! In addition, taller and wider frets have been constructed so playing chords, fretting and practicing scales is easier than ever. A select mahogany body with select spruce top ensures a rich and articulate sound whilst the Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing ensures your guitar rings out bright and loud!

A great guitar for beginners and players of all levels on a budget, that doesn’t scrimp on quality.


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17 thoughts on “Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar review – A Cheap Acoustic That Sounds Amazing!

  1. I am an intermediate guitar player with less money haha.. u think i should go for this.?. have the compromised any other aspects of guitar for playability?

  2. Played one of these at a local music shop. Wasn't at all impressed. The basic Epiphone dr100 is a better sounding guitar and it has strings through body.

  3. GREAT review, Thanks! Please advice: Epiphone Ft-100ce or PRO-1 PLUS? can you make a comparation. Looks pretty much same to me. Except FT has pick up, that why I prefer FT. Thanks in advance!!

  4. i have small hands and i am a beginner. i got the epiphone pro1 plus natural and i like it very much. i also loved how yamaha F310 was in my hands also. Both were very easy to play but i got the epiphone because..well i do not really know why. maybe for marketing reasons since it is considered to be the easiest guitar for beginners. No regrets though. i wish i could try the yamaha fs800 but unfortunately i could not because the store (or any other store close to where i live) did not have it in stock

  5. I got this as my first serious-ish guitar. Before that I had a really cheap guitar. I'm happy cuz the pro 1 is more comfortable for me. My hands are a bit small.
    The fender CD-60S was also nice. I almost bought the fender.

  6. I love Epiphone (have a EJ200 and LP Special II) but when I tried this it sounds thin and tinny. Felt good though. Ended up buying a Yamaha F335 for the same price.

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