Evolution of Samurai Shodown Games 1993-2019

Evolution of Samurai Shodown Games 1993-2019
Samurai Shodown Games Evolution is a list video that includes all samurai shodown games from 1993 to 2019

Samurai Shodown 1993
Samurai Shodown II 1994
Samurai Shodown III 1995
Samurai Shodown IV 1996
Samurai Shodown 64: Warrior’s Rage 1997
Samurai Shodown V 2003
Samurai Shodown V Special 2004
Samurai Shodown VI 2005
Samurai Shodown: Sen / Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny 2008
Samurai Shodown 2019

by Andrew Louis:
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Evolution of Samurai Shodown Games 1993-2019

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34 thoughts on “Evolution of Samurai Shodown Games 1993-2019

  1. My review on every game!
    Samurai Shodown – The humble start of another fighting game by SNK. En garde! Duel 1, begin!
    Samurai Shodown II – I have that game, but I remember Nakoruru being in Terry's reveal trailer in SSBU.
    Samurai Shodown III – Good improvement, less characters, sadly…
    Samurai Shodown IV – Does anyone notice the health bars are glitching out? That'll give anybody a seizure!
    Samurai Shodown 64: Warrior's Rage – The first 3D Samurai Shodown game. SSB64 called!
    Samurai Shodown V – Why does Wikipedia say it's mediocre? It's actually pretty cool.
    Samurai Shodown V Special – The same as SamSho V, but revamped!
    Samurai Shodown VI – Every character from SamSho, makes it so much nostalgia!
    Samurai Shodown Sen – The pathetic end to Samurai Shodown… in Wayne from Wayne's World's voice NOT!
    Samurai Shodown 2019 – The amazing reboot to a classic franchise. Yup, Samurai Shodown is back, baby!

  2. Samsho IV was the last game before SNKs bankrupcy, and from there it was all down hill. The playmore era was sad times for all SNK-fans. But now in 2019 it seems the old SNK is back!

  3. If there was a point when the series was good, it was before SamSho 3 and onwards. Everything after Samurai Shodown 3 was terrible.

  4. Your video is missing the Hyper 64 titles (Samsho 64 and Warriors Rage). What you're showing is Warriors Rage 2, which was a PS1 exclusive and never in arcades.

  5. This game was badass back when it came out. I was 12 and remember going to La Retama a Mexican restaurant in Oak Cliff to play it with my friends Edwin, Josh and Joey. Man the memories Im looking to getting the new version.

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