FAKE KALI SKIN TROLL! (Minecraft Murder Mystery Trolling)

Welcome back to another episode of Minecraft Murder Mystery Trolling! Today I disguise as the FAKE KALI by wearing a golden Steve skin and hide with the REAL KALI. Let’s see if anyone will find me!

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Title: MYRNE – Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
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Comment “KALI” if you read the description!

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38 thoughts on “FAKE KALI SKIN TROLL! (Minecraft Murder Mystery Trolling)

  1. You know what’s kind of funny… my real name is actually Kali… except it’s pronounced Kaylee! By the way does anyone know how I can play this version of murder mystery??? The only one that I know of is on the hive minigame server…

  2. :It was the girl in a green shirt
    :atleast she has style
    :if you think in an alex is a style then i dont know what to say

  3. Him: Someone is here that’s named BlackPlague435
    Me looking above him at the name: AVADA KEDAVRA! HARRY POTTER, YAAAASSS!

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