26 thoughts on “FFXIV: Stormblood Gameplay – 79 – Samurai – The Burn

  1. Nice video of FFXIV. I'm a new player of it. Trying to take quest and story mode of it from level 1 to 60. Hope I can make it fast. Please subscribe to my channel too. 😀

  2. I gave u a like cause u did take the time and efford to make a video of these but these game is just not for me i would rather play eve online or something with more pvp like Rust, i may be miss judging these game cause i didnt see any pvp and i like pvp lol (sorry for the shitty english lol)

  3. no offense but this looks boring as fuck. maybe its enjoyable if your not always anxious about people criticizing you for playing games.

  4. Looks nice, but the leveling is booring to an actual painful state, its impossible to even touch it. even tho i want to experience the game at max lvl :/

  5. black dessert is better and doesn't have this garbage ass game style why can't they make a online final fantasy with the full hack and slash elements like final fantasy 15 or devil may cry I'm letting my homies know that trailer was a false flag an not to buy this trash.

  6. How is this supposed to be fun? The enemies just sit there taking damage. The combat feels absolutely weightless. The screen is very busy with visual effects, and there's very little to actually enjoy rather than the eye candy.

  7. Hey tsuki i love your videos can you offer me some advice one of my guilds healers is taking a break and i got a buddy she wants to be a healer but im a bad teacher and healer got any advice and or videos to direct too?

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