17 thoughts on “FFXIV Stormblood – The Ridarona Lighthouse 24 Man Raid Patch Day

  1. Everybody told me that I have to take a look into FF14 (I'm playing WoW). The whole Graphics (Chars, Effects, etc) are looking pretty nice. But the gameplay looks really "slow", no? If I'm using a skill, are there really more cooldowns activated than only the one from the skill I used?

  2. I havent played this game in 3 years, I really want to get back in but I worry that these Raids are dead now? I hope I'm wrong… can anyone confirm that new and returning players will still get to enjoy this amazing content?

  3. Honestly, I think I've decided to drop my sub from WoW after this month and pick up FFXIV. Seeing the mechanics of these bosses looks so rejuvenating, fresh, and different than WoW bosses. This group also seems to be fun to play with and very talkative, which a lot of Guilds in WoW aren't because raid leader demands silence.

    I think you and your group sold me on this game!

  4. should i buy this game is it fun to play ?? i wanna play some mmo but idk what to play i have playing dcuo for 8 years now i need to change.nice vid btw

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