FFXIV – Ultimate Beginners Guide (How to get into- and love Final Fantasy 14)

Welcome dear Warriors of Light and Darkness.
I thought ’tis time for doing a video for all those among you, who want to start into Final Fantasy XIV, but don’t find the right way or motivation to get into our beloved Eorza.

Don’t worry, the time and effort you spend in creating your character and progressing through the MSQ will pay out and reward you with one, if not the best Final Fantasy of all times !

I hope you like that video and with its help, be able to start into FFXIV.

Thanks for your support, your love and all the positive feedback in Shadowbringers !

0:01 Introduction & Free Trial
1:55 Character Creation & Job System
6:13 Main Scenario Quest & Leveling
9:08 Free Companies & Community
9:58 Combat System (It isn’t slow forever !)
10:38 Patch 2.0 – 2.55 & Heavensward
11:50 Gear checkpoints 50/60/70
12:22 Finally Shadowbringers & some motivation
13:55 Outro (feat. Master Louisoix)

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Masayoshi Soken – ARR Login Screen, Flames of Truth (FF14)
Hitoshi Sakimoto – Character Making (FF Tactics)
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40 thoughts on “FFXIV – Ultimate Beginners Guide (How to get into- and love Final Fantasy 14)

  1. I wanted to Play it dinged lvl 17 but cant stand those intances its so bad sometimes u have 1 Small room with 2 intances its 2019 not 1999 🙁 looking for new mmo but i am done with it

  2. Bruh. Let be honest.
    Hi ps4. This i won't recommend if you don't mind throwing money to playtime sub for nothing and miss a each single day. I recommend BDO very better and f2p

  3. I was going to get back into it but it wont log me in and ive changed my passwords like 14 times now. Ive given up even though I sent a ticket to support. I never even finished story rip.

  4. I was always against playing a video game that you have pay monthly so a friend payed for the first month and now I love the game and understand why they charge what they do there so much in the game to do. FFXIV is the best mmorpg I have ever played I'm a lvl 60 summoner 😁

  5. If any of you want this game its $30 right now for complete edition with all expansions up to shadowbringers and 1 month of sub included.

  6. Thanks for this Video dude helped me so much I'm new to final fantasy online and this video helped a lot…. Keep up the good work 👍

  7. I'd say the biggest hurdle is the A Realm Reborn MSQ, more specifically, the transition part of the MSQ that leads to Heavensward. That is all kinds of tedious and boring there. The story itself is not boring but it has a lot of pointless quests within it that could've been taken out.

  8. Every time I try to get into the game I just can't. Questing in this game is so damn boring and the combat is so dated and boring. Story seems interesting. I just don't get the hype. I always return to ESO. I really want to like this game.

  9. I really respect these devs for keeping this game as a sub game and not caving like all the others and going free to play. Def worth paying for quality!

  10. The community is terrible they whine a LOT with tons of emojis.
    Also they shun you if you report someone that uses DPS meters (which is against tos anyways) (parsing as ff14 calls it)

    Also A realm reborn storyling blooows and takes forever you almost need to buy the story skip.
    smh, I feel like I wasted money on this game…
    Also the community HATES pvp and those from other mmo's

  11. Last year I bought FFXIV. At the time the expansion released was Stormblood. But I managed to play just now, more precisely five days ago. So i should buy the new expansion in hurry? Not having it now will ruin my experience? Im liking it for now. I'm almost ending the Realm Reborn but I'm a little afraid to get lost after it cause all the dungeons I did the players just rushed it to the end. So I'm concerned about missing some mechanics.
    Besides it I just love how friendly and good vibes this game is. It just feels good playing. I'm excited to play Machinist! It's sooo badass. I'm a dragoon lv 49 now. Nothing wrong with the Lance but seriously… Look at those guns baby!
    At last thank you for the video and for the tips! I'm even more excited to play now! I'm going to do it right now! Good bye warriors of light. May you walk at the Cristals guidance.

  12. Hmm, maybe it is time to get back into FFXIV. I played during the original launch and the game was so bad they shut it down. Never went back. Looking pretty good now days though. Hmm..who knows.

  13. I tried to get into the game 2 time, I always stopped after 2 hours. The tutorial is a painful gaming experience to go trough. So much walking and talking.
    I will try again tho, maybe this time I will find the patience to finish it.

  14. Great video. I've only played FF1 back then on the NES. I know pretty mich nothing anymore about Final Fantasy univers. Since late 90's i've been in quite a lot of MMOS (Guild Wars 1 and 2, Star Wars Galaxy, WoW, ESO, SWTOR, DC Universe, AD&D Online, City of Vilains from those i remember) Think with those MMO experience i might like this game? One friend i was playing a lot in EOS before leaivng a few months ago got into it. I might also ask him what he thinks…. Thanks

  15. It’s easy play the game and enjoy 🥰 don’t worry about the major endgame content unless your interested in it 😋

  16. I bought shadowbringers, didn't touch it. I realize it might not be for me since I like to move games a lot. Feels bad

  17. Love your videos and I know you mean well, but I disagree with your comment about the skip potions:

    "in any case don't buy that skip potion because it will throw you into content you're completely lost in we're not getting introduced to essential game mechanics and the overall final fantasy game language"

    The problem with everyone that recommends not using the skip potion is the "in any case." Some people should NEVER use the skip potion because they will go straight to end game content without knowing anything about the game, the class, mechanics or all of the above.

    However, other people can use the skip potions and learn the game, their class, etc. before they jump into high level dungeons/raids. The game doesn't "throw you into content you're completely lost in" you have to go to that content. You can be level 70 and do dozens if not hundreds of low level quests. Nothing forces you to jump straight to harcore content.

    Quests like "give these pretzels to these 3 guys" does not teach any game mechanics or advance the story, they are a waste of time. The skip potions give you the option to do those type of quests if you like or do them if you want.

    A lot of people quit the game "before it gets good" precisely because of the large number of these "give the pretzels" type of quests and your job at those lower levels are almost nothing like what they are at the higher levels. Yes the game walks you through how to travel from one place to the other, how to buy/sell items, use your inventories, etc. but all of that you can easily read online or watch a video. Like I said, some people don't do any of that and run around in content they are not ready for but others don't.

    There is no shortcut to learning the game, your job/class, rotations, mechanics, etc. But there is a slow way that may be boring for some people and there is a less slow way that may be entertaining for other people. Delivering those pretzels is less of a pain when you have a mount and you can quickly kill anything that attacks you on the way.

    I'll leave you with some comments from the community manager for the MMORPG.com website with a couple of my own comments in square brackets, like him I initially quit because of the horrible drag of the lower levels:

    "Ever since I quit Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at level 39 shortly after launch, I’ve been inundated with claims that the game gets better in the 40’s. How I could I quit? I was so close to seeing the better side of the game! Yeah, well, I just couldn’t do it. As beautiful as the game was, it was just a drag to play through, so I quit [me too!].
    Unfortunately, to get to Heavensward, not only would I have to complete A Realm Reborn, but I’d also have to slog through over 100 additional quests [the horror!!], many of which are simply excuses to run around the world and talk to people [yes that is pretty much what most of those quests are]. I took a pass.

  18. This video has really helped me decide to buy this game I really like how you guided me through this viedo Thankyou I will be buying final fantasy Thankyou!

  19. I still love Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft I'll probably come on back now that shadowbringers is out to see how it is

    The main thing that I hated when I originally played was having to DPS as a healer, I hope they fixed that

  20. New Adventurer and addict here, I'm healer support main in league and started FFXIV a month ago (WHM XD). I play ranked still but I care less about league and have more fun in FFXIV <3 Best decision I ever made, the game is stitching the wounds that League caused for 6 years.. <3

  21. I have come back to FFXIV for the third time as of last month. I am about a third of the way through the Heavensward expansion. The story is great but I left the first two times because the combat just didn't do it for me. Because I really want to experience the story, I came back a third time. I am now doing the early Heavensward dungeons… and I have to say, they really are game changers for me. I love the dungeon group combat now and the people I am playing with are usually amazingly helpful. I think the game finally has it's hooks into me. I still hate soloing the MSQs as a white mage, but between the actual story and the dungeons, I am totally enthralled.

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