21 thoughts on “FIFA 15 – Ultimate Team Trailer

  1. A game were your players struggle to pass in the direction you are aiming, were tackling is a joke, the referees are broken and so are the keepers, the shooting is a mess and to top it off players are over priced for what you get per match and so are packs.

  2. They called this Ultimate Team, yet it's not really, because you can't actually build the ULTIMATE team because you have guidelines you must stick to (club, country).

    Building an ultimate team isn't building the spanish squad, or the german squad, its trying to get the best mix of players from different nationalities and leagues and putting them against others.

    I wish FIFA would completely overhaul this mode, and remove the need to link players based on their team or nation. Instead of the chemistry depending on this, why not have it depend on passes made between two players, assists, goals etc and actually let us build our ultimate team.

  3. Otherwise know as put remy and ibarbo up front and fire long balls to them while your opponent with actually good players gets destroyed

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