Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Gameplay Part 1 – Let's Try Something New [FF14]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Gameplay Part 1 – Let’s Try Something New

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30 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Gameplay Part 1 – Let's Try Something New [FF14]

  1. So this is literally the first FFXIV gameplay video I've ever seen and err….are those the same damn lizards from FFXI? 1:21:10

  2. i recently bought shadowbringers ffxiv realm reborn on ps4 and it has a free trial in it as well,and a while intp it i went to a mailbox and it said it was a trial game,so i guess people can try it for free this month

  3. Kinda funny how you said at the very beginning that you have been "Obsessed" with FFXIV for a while now yet had literally no reaction to Ardbert's appearance as he was one of the main antagonists of the Heavensward expansion. To anyone who has actually played the game it becomes pretty obvious that you bought the level skip and story skip (the number 1 thing you are told NOT TO DO in order to fully enjoy the game) just to cash in on the hype for the expansion.

  4. All I play is ESO, but someone just told me Shadowbringers is the best expansion they've ever experienced, even above blood and wine from Witcher 3…

    After seeing this, I don't know what he's talking about. Looks fun, but now I remember why I don't like FF in the first place. Weird animations and graphics.

  5. Final Fantasy surely 14 is an amazing game. Best MMO right in my opinion.
    It's a shame tho I don't play it anymore due to work commitments. I have all classes level 70 including gathering, crafting, 5 Legendary weapons, and highest item level gear. If interested please let me know. Thanks

  6. Finally some gameplay. All the advertising for the game seems to try to make it look like the gameplay would look like Black Desert level of quality, and I couldn't quite tell if it was an expansion for the MMO or a new MMO with higher quality. Nope, just an expansion it seems and the quality is the same, looking worse than Skyrim. And the same very MMO-y combat and controls it seems. Not a fan. When I first tried to play FFXIV I remember it taking over an hour before I finally got into any combat and was instantly turned off of the game.

    The less like an MMO a game feels, the better imo. Yet MMO's are where all the kind of fantastical storytelling and setting concepts are. Black Desert is the peak of what I mean, it's very action oriented which isn't so much about action as it is that you feel more like you're directly playing your character. Heck even League of Legends makes you feel like you're playing your character more than "MMO-y" MMOs, if that makes any sense.

    I play games to really slip into the character and to dive into the world. MMO's tend to make you feel like you're always at an arms reach from your character, and the worlds are rarely believable even despite what can be breathtaking backdrops; but it's just that, they just feel like backdrops and things tend to be awkwardly spaced out and low fidelity and low detail.

  7. I would play FF14 but not when they charge you. If it was more like Elder Scrolls online where its free and then they added a monthly plus thing then yea I would but I dont see the amount of money per month for this.

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