39 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review

  1. I used to play during the heavensward expansion and honestly I was only focused on grinding levels. However as you progress the scenery and story improve by each mission and you get engrossed into it. The combat may seem slow at first but they have special job such as the ninja for those wanting a fast paced play style.

  2. was thinking of getting this game but didnt know if the community still exists, im a wow player so im use to full servers since they got linked.

  3. I will never understand how people can play any of FF. These games are boring as hell, 90% of them are just cutscenes and only 10% is real action

  4. That's fantastic! With all the praise it's getting, by all mercy, please PLEASE don't ever make the game free! PLEASE keep the subscription!!!

  5. only thing I liked seeing about this game from any videos is that it is published by Square Enix (one of the companies that published the Legacy of Kain series) but it is far from enough to get me to play

  6. This expansion had me crying during a SIDE QUEST!
    Also, I would love for them to make a singleplayer spin-off game about Ardbert and his friends becoming the Warriors of Light and then ending with them slaying the Shadowkeeper and unleashing the flood of light.
    Am I the only one that really wants a game like that now?

  7. I feel like you haven't beaten the game yet as you didn't mention alot of spoilers down the track that ign tends to normally mention, gotta get dem views right

  8. This was an incredible video.seeing that it was from ign, I definitely did not expect this quality. Promote this man!

  9. Ff14 is just doing the same crap they have done every expansion and hasn't actually done anything ground breaking other than the story line and its all just the same old thing change my mind

  10. As a newcomer I finished the story yesterday after a continuous run from the start of ARR to the end of this expansion. It was long journey but worth every minute. Truly outstanding.

  11. I liked the latest expansion, but form the intro You expect that things are going to be separated like the dark players and light players. But it’s more like Beyonetta thing.
    I like it but I was expecting much more.
    Like in wow to have the hord and the alliance difference

  12. I would love to try the game but it just its not available on ps store (sea) .. And the disc are mostly sold out or not sold at store..

  13. I was there in 2010 when XIV launched and flopped. Who would have thought 10 years later its one of the biggest, best and loved MMOs…..💪🏻👌🏻

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