Forehand SHANK Solution (tennis lesson)

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on your forehand swing technique, only to end up SHANKING the ball left and right. The good news is, you CAN develop awareness of the ball’s contact position on your racquet, which will enable you find the “sweet spot” with much greater consistency. Here’s how…

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19 thoughts on “Forehand SHANK Solution (tennis lesson)

  1. Lots of people I play with have this problem because they started out with topspin stroke instead of a flat one. Could it be because they don't know the feeling when a solid contact was made?

  2. it would be really helpful if you guys answered this question when your in a forehand grip and you want to hit a backhand do you switch your right hand grip in the forehand which for me is an eastern to in between bevel number 1 and 2

  3. Can the shanking be due to your dominant eye? I read that a yong Federer had to work on his vision because his dominant eye is his left.

  4. Could you do a video on off days? I find it hard to cope with whenever I do have an off day and im worried if i continue to practice on one, then it will lead to bad muscle memory.

  5. Im Saudi, in the beginning I thought its easy came but im in deep hall , ur channel help me alot I hope to meet u guys 😍

  6. Cool drill! Makes a lot of sense. But is he turning pro?! Three coaches for one lesson?! That's some serious student-teacher ratio there.

  7. It seems like to me that his problem is that he likes to hit with a lot topspin and if that's what he wants, then he needs to really watch the ball. Because it's really easy to be off and shank the ball with his swing path. A better approach for him maybe to flatten his stroke and not hit with so much spin. A player has to know their limits. The other thing that's funny is that his mechanics look pretty poor. His kinetic chain really looks none existent sometimes. Maybe it's because of the drills you are having him to work through but I don't get any sense that he knows what he's doing on the forehand. Even though you say in the beginning of the video that he has a good forehand.

  8. Hey ET, quick question.
    Does nadal grab his racquet a little higher when he volleys? Everyone knows how low he holds it but I noticed that he holds it higher when he volleys. Am I correct?

  9. Wow!! I do struggle with clean contact to also. Will be implementing this for a daily drill. And on another note, who would actually dislike this video!!!???

  10. Hmmm…looks to me like you just tricked him into fixing his gaze on the point of impact, by employing a simple little challenge. Very clever!

  11. He's been on before hasn't he? I feel like his swing hasn't gotten any better since he first came. I don't know if he's just not practicing at home, or if he's just taking one lesson for the video. He needs like consistent coaching and practice to get better. Not just "diagnose the problem and try it for 10 minutes". Maybe to a series on coaching one player and his journey to actually getting better? I feel like people would really like that.

  12. Personally, I believe the main reason why he is "shanking" is because he is not extending enough his elbow outwards during/throughout contact. In other words he is brushing up too much without enough forward extension, hence hitting the ball in the correct contact point is very difficult. Not to mention also that his contact point is too back (too close to his body). Cheers

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