FreeNAS 11.3-BETA1 Review

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FreeNAS 11.3-BETA1 blog post

FreeNAS 11.3-BETA1 Forum Discussion


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19 thoughts on “FreeNAS 11.3-BETA1 Review

  1. The beta puts me over the line on using freenas (I built a NAS, I was trying out different softwares)
    1/I can now reliably configure ACLs.
    2/Being able to access freenas snapshots in windows folder’s “previous versions”
    3/SMB (particularly windows) clients connecting easier
    4/Seems like lower CPU from file write compression
    …and not new but I love how baked in ZFS is (what the heck OpenMediaVault?!?)

  2. Hey Lawrence Please do a set-up of True Command and video it as I'm waiting to see if it's worth deploying on my local network.

  3. Thanks again for making this video and all videos you do. I throughly appreciate your consistent ability to thoroughly explain a topic while also showing the implementation.
    Not specific to this video or FreeNAS, pfSense but I've upgraded my home lab 2000% (estimate🙃) as a result of you breaking down topics in a approachable and repeatable way.

  4. You missed the lateral navigation on some of the dashboard widgets. On the pool widget click on your vdevs list item and you can drill down to all the disk details

  5. true command free for 50 drives not 50 servers

    nice video anyway, always instructive !

  6. It seems odd that they are killing Netdata because of the memory leak thing. There should be a way to load it manually I would think. I actually use it fairly often. At least when I am tweaking things on my machine. Or testing things out. Good way to get a lot of live data.

  7. The Dashboard is still horribly space inefficient imo. They could fit all the data and more on the screen with no need to scroll.

  8. It shouldn’t error out on upper case but simply convert it to lowercase for such a mundane issue that requires such a simple fix. Forcing you to redo it is a time wasteful and annoying resolution as computers are supposed to assist the user in ease of use.

  9. Sweet thanks Tom. I am looking forward to the 11.3 release to stable. Till then I will test it out in a VM. 11.2 the new UI I have found a bit hard to use, and some features seem to be missing, or I can't find them. I often go to the legacy UI when I am working with FreeNAS, after 4 years the old UI is much more familiar but I do like the new look.. I just have to be able to find everything. In the IX forum I will be more specific as to what is "missing" while I test the new beta.

  10. I recently got rid of FreeNAS in favour of Arch (I know, I'm insane, but it's a lab) and it resolved a time based crashing issue for me. If this was because of Netdata, it's fixed there, as I've no longer had any stability issues

  11. Sweet! You really don’t see this type of stuff anywhere else regarding freenas. I love freenas and it’s great to see more reviews/general instructional videos about it.

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