33 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch Active2: Product Story (feat. Roy Choi)

  1. Does it connect to polar H10 heart Strap ? That's my only concern…
    Polar Ignite vs Garmin Venu vs samsung active 2?
    Which one would you buy ?!

  2. Tech Youtubers: Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smart watch in the market

    Samsung, LG, Fossil, and Fitbit: YOU DARE OPPOSE US MORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. https://youtu.be/m5kAtG4VDmA
    Time 0:01 Love the Watch looks cool 👌🏻
    I wish Samsung made watches in metal band & changes its round shape 🤗🤞🏻
    Shape it like Hubolt, AP, Omega Constellation 😊

  4. I bought the galaxy watch earlier this year, and I'm considering getting this one too when it comes out. So I can have the option to switch between them on different days.

  5. I have a Galaxy Watch Active and had terrible issues with it. I had to send it to the Samsung service center because it is very unprecise monitoring my workouts, specially swimming is a nightmare because if I trusted the watch I just had to set myself in the podium of the olympics and pick up my medals as it usually marked I was able to make 25 meters in just 4 seconds.

    I had to send it to waranty repair because it was barely new. They retained it for almost a month, and I had to call asking what was going on and they said that they didn't have my address to send it back (but the first thing they do when they take your case it to take your data, phone number, email and postal address included. When they finally returned my watch aftern not solving a thing about the issue, they had sent it to me in a Huawei cellphone box! (in a box of their competitor, for real!!) The veredict for doing nothing was: they said that as it was a foreigner (really?) unit, they didn't had the spare pieces to fix it (really again?), but in the service paper they sent the title was: SAMSUNG GLOBAL SERVICE CENTER, and even for someone with poor programming knowledge it is clear that it is a software malfunction. Worse than that, they returned the watch with a little straigh scratch on the screen, as if they have been holding the watch with some sort of pliers or something. When I called them to set a case, the guy in the phone hanged me after some minuts. The worst of all these is that as they had forgot my service order for so long, I wasn't able anylonger to return the purchase I did.

    I totally regret buying this watch.

  6. Im strong hope that the Galaxy Watch 2 have connection to Google maps or waze same as wear os. Like them put new features Youtube on it. Please!!!

  7. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy a watch from Samsung as they false advertise the water resistant and overall durability of their devices, in order to get you money. Also when the device stops working due to their faulty built. They will charge you almost twice the price of the actual watch regardless of its warranty. And should hour device stop working because of software issues, dont worry, because they will lie and charge you nonetheless. So buy at your own risk.

  8. Hmm, I don't know I still use my day one gear sport and it's perfect, and with the one ui and tizen update it got even better

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