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  1. Seven five five four? Geez That s seven five fifty four, That’s the date of the dîen bien phu battle ( 7 may 1954)

  2. If you guys want a game for historical purposes get Arma 3, from mods like the winter war fins against soviets, to ww2, African bush wars, Vietnam, Chechnya, the Balkans. Arma 3 could be any war you want it to, I’d like to play this game since you don’t see France fighting many wars after ww2. Reminds me of shell shock: blood trails

  3. 0:49 Vietnam is not a rich country, expect bad sound effects, but over-all, its a baddass game.
    cough just because youre american and hates vietnam cough jk

  4. I am Vietnamese for this game for me very nice people are not Vietnamese people how to understand the glory when winning the invasion so people do not look at games that evaluate it too low

  5. although it borrows many elements of many FPS games, this is the first FPS game produced by VN, so it must be weak graphics and sure it can not match with foreign games right?

  6. genocidal communist (pleonasm) propaganda shooter that tries to imitate american propaganda shooter, but poorly. Flappy bird was a much better vietnamese game. at least it was coded properly.

  7. "3.5" There is f*cking it ! A fair score ! No one belive me till they see how shitty their products are !

  8. WTF? Are you saying it's not worth playing because it's vietnamese game and you just hate that you got your ass whopped back in vietnam? to be honest i like this,now don't come here trying to change my mind,k?

  9. Im from Viet Nam but i still feel very bad about this game it just like Call of duty series nothing change from gameplay, dont have Multiplayer and much bug but maybe this still a 1st fps game in Viet Nam and i hope they will improve it better for the next game 🙁

  10. This game looks worse than the original call of duty. I don't need to know if this is the first game or the 257th game, all I care about is the content and quality. If it looks like crap and plays like crap then it is a bad game. You want the game not to be judged by the common gaming standard then don't try to compete in the game industry.

  11. This is one of the worst FPS game i tried so far . Im not talking about the graphic coz i played lots of game with bad graphics but better gameplays than this piece of trash . 3.5 is still too high .
    " Game như Lồn "

  12. Seems like if these guys were given the same resources and time as someone big like Ubisoft,they might actually stand up to CoD or BF.

  13. i agree im from Vietnam and i want to stop this channel.The game is the frist FPS game made by Vietnamese, we dont have much tech ok !

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