Getting Six Pack Abs (How I Almost Gave Up)

Interested in getting six pack abs? Here’s my story and how I almost gave up and quit on the road to a six pack.

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About the video:
The road to getting six pack abs comes with a lot of different challenges and obstacles. Some of those are physical, but a lot of them are related to your mind working against you. It got so confusing and challenging at one point to stay consistent that I almost gave up on the idea of having a six pack.

I was dieting, training, and doing my best to stay in a positive mindset, but my physique wasn’t looking like the way I imagined.

Instead of an athletic body with a lean six pack, I ended up looking skinny and weak. This was mentally very discouraging, and it didn’t help that I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t understand how the process of getting to 10% body fat and revealing the abs works.

In this video, you’ll learn my story of how I almost gave up on getting six pack abs and all the things I wish I knew at that time that would have helped me stay motivated and consistent. I had no one to tell me what to do or what to expect, and that’s why I made this video. If you’re in the same position I was on my fitness journey hearing, this will help you reach your goal and get the results you’ll be very proud of.

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About Me:
My name is Mario Tomic. I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs and professionals take their physique to the next level so they can perform at their best.

Since 2011, I’ve spent over 10 000 hours practicing, studying, and coaching fitness, nutrition, and high performance.

Most people don’t know that my native language is Croatian and that I worked in computer science before I started my fitness and personal development coaching company.

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36 thoughts on “Getting Six Pack Abs (How I Almost Gave Up)

  1. In this video, you'll learn about how I almost gave up on the journey to getting six pack abs and what was going through my mind at the time. Drop a Like on the video if you enjoyed it, it means a lot to me to see your support. See you soon! -Mario

  2. Really helpful information. Fighting to maintain strength and looking smaller at present.. Not something I like! Probably would have given up without it.
    Now understand the concept of how shedding the fat before building the muscle comes into it. Thanks a lot man.

  3. Just what I needed today. Exactly what you just went over is what I have been going through these past couple days. And frankly, on top of being in a calorie deficit, it was making me depressed.

    This year, I started on a big bulk for 9 months, then for the past 2 I have been cutting. I felt like I was giving away all my gains and my abs weren't getting any better. But my face and my back are a lot leaner. Thank you for the clarity and motivation to keep going!

  4. You are correct. At one time i suddently became skinny, my face dropped, you know at 60. i got my abs emerge after a year workout when my belly fats gradually disappearing hihi. Tq bro.

  5. When you lose fat you also lose muscle… that's normal. When not something is wrong. You can't tell your body to only lose fat

  6. The journey is long so consistency, enjoyment of the process, right knowledge, mentoring, discipline, etc… is needed.
    The end result is even more impressive than the six pack. GG

  7. I have read that the most insulin receptors are in the stomach so that makes sense. Too burn fat, keep insulin down… fewer meals or a restricted eating window, but lots of nutrients, no sugar and limit the carbs, get good sleep, vite D, be active, lift weights. Also, keep stress levels down bc that will mess up your hormonal balance and fire up appetite if you get stressed. Remember, with insulin jacked up, u cannot burn fat…only can store it. So dont jack it up all the time.

  8. I'm 6.5 weeks into my cut. I spent the first 4 weeks thinking it wasn't working and like you, I switched up my training a bunch in the last 3 weeks. I'm only doing this for 8 weeks though so hopefully I see my abs come through in the next week and a half 🙂

  9. I've been gyming for one year now, and was bulking for most of the time. I've been cutting now for about 6 weeks and can see myself getting smaller (still training hard in the gym with little cardio). I'm at the point now when my abs want to reveal themselves but I'm starting to look too small again… haven't built enough muscle to show yet in a years time. You reckon I should just continue my cut and get very lean, then eat at maintenance and just build muscle? Or should I just lean bulk and gain little bit of fat/muscle again?

  10. Hey Mario! Great video. I wanted to know, your arms looks very big, almost out of proportion to your body! (not a bad thing) I have tiny arms compared to the rest of my body. Did you specifically focus on building your arms at a point or is it just genetics?

  11. Super helpful bro. It’s been six weeks since I started my proper cut but I didn’t see any change in my belly and love handles AT ALL.

    You just stopped me from giving up and going back to bulk, gonna keep cutting GG

  12. 3 years ago i dieted the hardest, got extremely small, but i still had no abs and actually there was still fat on me if i bent down. i went from 80 kg to 65 kg, i was eating 1500 kcal, my arms and legs were crazy small, i looked good in the face but i was extremely weak. since then i've always been skinny fat and back to 80 kg again.

  13. Mario I need your help. My body is comfortable at 12 percent bf. But when I approach low 11s people always notice my FACE and say things like you look malnourished. Admittedly I do have a sunken look to my face at low 11s. Having difficulties getting past this point. I want sub 10s but don’t want the face of a dying man. Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Love your channel btw!!!

  14. Hi Mario. Can you please tell us what you did when you were 155 pounds and felt skinny (but couldn’t still see a six pack)? Did you cut even more or started to bulk?

  15. Our discouragement comes from ignorance and comparison. Great points on perseverance, which itself one of the most important muscles we often ignore because it’s invisible. Always, i appreciate the value!

  16. I look like you at 155 at 5'10, i'm 153 at 6 ft. What's crazy is I put on 50 lbs to get here, and i still want to gain another 20 lbs.

  17. Hi Mario, thank you so much for sharing this content. I can relate to this 100%. I'm currently at 14% body fat and want to get down to 10% but I'm really struggling in my mind. You gave me that motivation back. Much love from Austria, Brate!

  18. I had a tough time getting abs. Not because of the dieting part, but I lacked muscle development in my abs. I cut down from like 146 lbs to around 120 lbs after a long bulk cycle at 5'5 and I could not see abs. What helped me was farmer walks. I began making farmers walk a regular exercise did 6-8 sets of it a week and it massively improved results. Beyond that, I gained around 30 lbs and I can still see a visible four pack on my body despite having a gut. Try farmers walk for abs weighted crunches etc not work for me. Farmers walk hits abs, forearms and traps very hard.

  19. I was 25% body fat and 88kg. 4 months later I went down to 17% body fat and 72kg. That was a year ago. Ive been continuously lifting weights 4 times a week till today. I eat approximately 140gm of protein daily. Seemed to plateau. Body fat still at 17% and my lifting weight cant seem to up anymore. Guess its time to enter a caloric deficit again. Thanks for the video

  20. So tempting, as you say, to hammer the body with cardio to remove the fat when you should sit down and check what you eat for an hour or two and stick to it. I suppose we never bothered to watch ourselves get fatter until it hit us in the mirror one day. Then we get obsessed to reverse things and live in the mirror and on the scales! Absurd really. Greed is not good.

  21. Great. New video! I have seen the face loss way before but it was slow. I have checked everything I eat and decided now to go whole foods as the processed food is always worse in calories than I expected. Digital scales are of limited use under 1-2 week time periods. It is hard though but you have to pay a price for laziness and greed. The price is not high, just mentally taxing when we want fast results. However, we never reflect on the grind it took to get a good education! Years of book reading. Such is life. 10% body fat is a degree in eating wisely and pumping the weights.

  22. Mario i had the same problem… I just now eat 2 big meals a day in a 5 hour window and lift weights and i put on 8lbs in 8 months and the guess WHAT? im actaully leaner than I was when i was at a lower bodyweight!!! so lift and eat and FAST!!!

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