Google Pixel 4 vs 4 XL – Unboxing & Impressions – A Big Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

I’m UNBOXING the new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL! With a new design, faster processor, bigger battery and dual-camera setup with Dual-Exposure and NightScape 2.0 – are the new Pixel 4’s worth getting excited about?

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39 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 vs 4 XL – Unboxing & Impressions – A Big Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

  1. ❎ no 4K at 60 frames
    ❎ No UFS storage 3.0
    ❎ No 8 GB RAM
    ❎ Over priced
    ❎ No Google free storage at Original quality
    ❎ No 3 carrier aggregation in 4G
    ❎ No snapdragon 855 Plus
    ❎ No wide angle lens
    ❎ Outdated 📷 sensor used in previous phone

  2. I'm three minutes in and all is hear is errors. Did you know what a Pixel 4 was before this video, or read any Android fan sites? Peace out.

  3. Damn near 600 "boo bird" comments and not a single one of you have touched the damn phone. Talking about true to life "sheeple!" Damn near none of you have any original thought. It's no wonder people make money on YouTube by giving their opinions. None of you are capable of your own independent and coagulated thought. You look at pictures but you can't read and comprehend, so you need other people to read and comprehend for you. 😞

  4. As a pixel1 user, I want to change my phone, Every year I am waiting for a good pixel phone, but they are not yet upto the mark on terms of features, thanks Google you are saving my money for not buying a new pixel phone.

  5. I have a Pixel 3a XL rn and am currently waiting on my 4 XL pre-order to get here!! and also @ 5:35 holy shit that google assistant is fast FINALLY

  6. welcome to another video where the comment section is full of entitled toddlers complaining about inconsequential nonsense. 99% the time your phone is face down with a case on it. " BUT THE BEZELSSSSSSSS"
    " NO 4K @ 60 " posts boring pointless videos on instagram

  7. Can’t stand Android, but if you are getting an Android phone, why wouldn’t you get the phone from the company who makes the software? I would.

  8. How can it be sold out if it hasn’t been out just till last Tuesday and right after that everyone could preorder? Can you please explain

  9. Being on AT&T I can get the 256GB Storage/12GB RAM Note 10 Plus, with the 6.8” display, triple cameras, 4300mah battery, 25w charger and option to get a 45w charger, USB-C headphones, included, expandable storage and S-Pen and Dex. My Note 9 has suffered in the battery life department, but I’d go with the Note 10 Plus over the Pixel 4XL as it’s $36.67/month, only $0.67/month more than the $36/month that AT&T is charging for the 128gb Pixel 4XL. Double the storage and double the RAM for basically the same price. That doesn’t include the trade in and BOGO options that they give you, which are better for the Samsung phones. My main device is an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512Gb Silver, but I rotate between an LG G8, OnePlus 6T, Note 9, and Bold N1. The $199.99 Bold N1 has wireless charging, smaller bezels and 18w fast charging and a 3500mah battery. If they can do that, why can’t Google stick better things in their phones. Radar is cool but it works even when you’re not looking at it or have your eyes closed. In today’s market, there is too much competition with other Android phones. This was supposed to be the year that Google convinced me to get a Pixel device.

  10. No SD card slot 😱
    No headphone jack 🎧 😥
    No Super Zoom 🔎 📸
    No 5G ready 🌍 why?
    No Snapdragon 855 ➕
    No Pixel sorry 🙏

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