PGA Tour player Scott Stalings test’s new shafts in his irons to see if he can change his launch and ball flight. Watch has he tests a hard step strong iron steel shaft in his new T100 irons from Titleist golf. Trying to match your golf shaft in your irons and all your golf clubs is a process of data capture and feel based ideas to make sure you see what you want to see. Improve your golf swing and golf game with Mark Crossfield’s free golf videos posting daily for golfers wanting the best info.
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  1. What’s fitting system are they using? I noticed a white clipboard sized unit on the ground and the iPad combo.

  2. So the bloke who invents a word for people fascinated by shafts and constantly claims that they make no difference, releases a video, on shafts?

  3. These guys are so pampered and then they have people in the crowd looking for their errant shots in the rough..

  4. I have project X 6.0 shafts that are hard stepped, my fitter did this because I had better launch and tighter dispersion with a 6.5 but I liked the weight of the 6.0 better and got more ball speed and swing speed with it, so it gave me closer to a 6.5 for stiffness but kept the weight closer to the 6.0

  5. Mark you really seem to have some hardcore preconceptions when it comes to club fitting with your constant "player error" bullshit.
    You were proven completely wrong here because they were able to temper the turf interaction by altering the bounce on the club – I've seen others do it by changing to a different head shape altogether.
    Mark – you need to watch the TXG guys because they do club fitting better than anyone. But first lose the know-it-all smirking attitude – I watch your channel a lot and it gets on my tits and is getting worse. You're st earring to be that curmudgeonly sniper that everyone dislikes.

  6. Interesting! Mark, youre obviously not a shaftoid, yet you are working with guys that are seeing and feeling differences. How does their choices conflict with your own thoughts on shafts ? Cheers Brah

  7. Scott Stallings has busted his butt to get in shape and he’s changed significantly since the first time we saw him on tour.

  8. Scott Stallings ( check your spelling of his name) – such a solid pro. So many guys on the PGA hit irons with a 3/4 swing . Great content Mark- who else doing this on youtube??- no one. Great stuff Mark.

  9. Question: I got fitted by someone at a retail shop and was put into a hard stepped shaft with .5" extension.

    Went back to my pga pro and he said i need to get another .5" extension. With a club hard stepped and not stock length, do i have to get a new custom shaft? or can they just throw in the extra .5" like a normal extension would be?

  10. I played Soft Stepped KBS Stiff for 2 years. I felt that it took spin off and went a bit high…but maybe that was just me.

  11. Nevermind the shaft, just look at how perfectly in balance at the finish Scott is. I would love that, as opposed to my normal finishing position which bears rather too much resemblance to Bambi on ice

  12. Mark I love the interactions with the guys inside the ropes like this, it make them more interesting when they let us know that they are searching for ( it ) too.

  13. Good luck getting stalings ball flight up.! Don’t think a shaft will quite be enough. Great video again . Cheers xx

  14. I've heard many theories on hard and soft stepping. Great to see it how it affects a pro. I'm 59 and now soft step my shafts. It works for me.

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