HARMAN KARDON Soundsticks III / Wireless Speakers Review

For Price and availability of standard system check Amazon – And for Bluetooth enabled version –

An overview & review of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks – from the iSub of 2000 and the original USB soundstick system we talk through the changes that were made to the Soundsticks II and the two models currently available – the Soundsticks iii & the soundsticks wireless with bluetooth connectivity. We unbox them but this is more than an unboxing we also review them and do a sound test and a base test of these 2.1 speakers

Equipment Used to produce this film:
– Canon PowerShot G7X
– Apple iPhone 5s
– Manfrotto Befree Travel Camera Tripod
– Blue yeti USB microphone

Edited Using:
– Apple MacBook Pro
– Apple Final Cut Pro X

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25 thoughts on “HARMAN KARDON Soundsticks III / Wireless Speakers Review

  1. Bluetooth audio skips, stutters, cuts off, or has static or buzzing with my Mac Book Pro…….any solutions, its just a pain!!

  2. I don't get it! This review which I have watched a week after;

    1. Experiencing the phenomenal sound & design award winning looks of these computer add on focussed speakers (which I wanted to avoid lighting up my 165watt per channel 7.1 Sony Amp and reference speaker system and draining the national grid!) and

    2. Immediately placing a purchase order with Amazon for a brand new set (as opposed to refurbished or used on eBay etc) says "wireless speaker review" for the HK Soundsticks III – but I see wires connecting the sub and two satellite sticks!

    What gives?

    As for the review, I find it matches EXACTLY what I first experienced and understood.

    For all you diehard pedantics out there that criticise the review provider for making highly accurate points by comparing say the directional aspect of this compact and beautiful system and it's volume and room filling capabilities in order to get the message across, I say "GET A LIFE". The guy is absolutely spot on and as technically & historically comprehensive in his provision of what us laypeople need to know.

    As for capability, I experienced the HK Soundsticks III in a small bedsitter room and the quality with volume turned up in such a small face was beyond belief …so much so you could get complaints from the neighbours without going full volume. I could not believe such good looking tiny sized woofer and sticks were capable of more than filling my mate's room with sound.

    I shall return and post my first hand experience comments when the extraordinary length of time indicated for by Amazon Australia (ordered in first few days of June but indicated to be delivered up to 25th June!) so am wondering where they are being sourced from!

    Congratulations to the reviewer – TOP JOB MATE! (yes, I have subscribed and expect the usual reward in the mail LOL!)

    Best regards to all sound lovers around the planet,

    Greg (aka Squirrel/Cable Guy/Cess (Poole)
    SodwnUnder in Sydney right now.

  3. That's a whole lot of wires for wireless speakers. Actually exactly the same amount of wires as with the old wired ones. Hmm.

  4. I want to say something to let yall people know.. That was an ugly surprise from HK.
    Audio coming from my iPhone sounds noticeably better than from Mac! I keep my Soundsticks connected to Mac wired.

  5. Дрочь! Галимый бутыль с музыкой! Хотя бы подсветку сделали бы… ХОтя даже подстветка его не спасёт. ВОт если бы там была внутри вода, да ещё и с подсветкой! то это говно было бы немного дороже и всё.

  6. WAY TO MUCH TALKING, for lack of a better term, please SHUT TF UP we can't hear the actual product being reviewed…

  7. Hi there
    I have the wired version of these speakers. Can you recommend me a way to make them work wirelessly?
    Cheers mate

  8. hey i am starting a youtube channel called TheTall Sheep thats coming out October 26th 2018, I aws curious if you knew a soundsystem that is decently cheap but that is really good. I don't need to fill a room, but i do need good bass and decently high voltage! Thank You!

  9. You…seriously…talk too much. Can you explain yourself and then let the speakers talk for themselves? This video, was just too difficult to watch. Sorry…

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