HIV Positive: Seriously, you can’t catch it from kissing – BBC Stories

HIV Positive And Proud is a film about the 20-year-old HIV activist, Mercy Ngulube who busts the common misconceptions about HIV and tell us why she’s Positive, but proud. Attitudes haven’t changed since the 1980s, but Gen Z is trying to change that. .
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We are BBC Stories, a group of journalists making films, long and short, with the younger audience (18-24) in mind. The idea is to tackle issues which concern and impact this group of people. So think about anything from race and identity to mental health, money and much more.


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49 thoughts on “HIV Positive: Seriously, you can’t catch it from kissing – BBC Stories

  1. Nothing is more shamefull than having defficiency in personality.if ppl could see assholes or reject them as they reject ppl with hiv, world could be a better place

  2. My heart breaks for the two beautiful black women who have this virus, yet God ble them to have a full life regardless, may the lord Jesus Christ protect them and allow them to grow and have a wonderful life

  3. I loved watching this short documentary. Reading the many comments below confirms the need to continue to bust misconceptions around HIV. Such a positive, inspiring, human and touching story. Loved the glitter. Hope many more are helped by it to be freed from the ignorance that imprisons them around this issue. I feel a huge sense of pride for all those who appeared in this film.

  4. so you can catch Herpes from a kiss but not HIV ????
    I think it would be more honest if you said the chances of catching HIV from a kiss are extremely low.

  5. I know of many people that were born with the disease or aquire it by no fault of their own. They struggle so much to find acceptance with others and battle depression. Awareness like this really helps a lot of people to accept who they are and know that HIV does NOT define them.
    The comment section is full of dullard, judgemental inbreds that want to remain ignorant on this issue. Shame on you.

  6. Most peoples gums bleed at some point throughout the day in small amounts without them even noticing it even with the best brushing hygiene and do you really want to risk kissing someone with HIV when the saliva that has mixed with that blood has moistened their licked lips a few moments before in nervous anticipation at kissing you…Its real people…this isnt made up…a real risk here at spreading HIV…..but go ahead…whatever

  7. I found this video nice but It almost made it look trendy look at me I have this disease there is nothing wrong with it I had a woman who has this condition living with me people in church pushed her away even to the point I confronted her she said she was going to leave the house I said no way your staying here gave her a cuddle and a kiss but she was the most clean person ever she refused to share cups plates loads of house hold things she was crazy about germs washed fruit every thing jokes aside I think she would wash me but it is hard I am clean so I hope people don't take this like the common cold

  8. Just to be clear, she uses the word "PROUD" because the majority of people who are HIV positive feel "ASHAMED". PROUD here means NOT BEING ASHAMED of who you are.

  9. >Having HIV doesn't mean you'll have AIDS.

    That's not DEDUCTIVE reasoning or a guarantee, luv! Loads of HIV positive people live in denial and refuse to take meds. Seen it with my own eyes.

    True, it's not the death sentence it was but let's not get it twisted – if you leave your HIV unchecked too long … it DOES cause AIDS!

  10. Is it you or YouTube disabling comments on the videos you made about various Muhammadans throwing acid? Is it you or YouTube who dislikes anyone criticizing Islam? Fk Muhammad (piss be upon him)

  11. Should have a tattoo on they but or privates indicating HIV positive or should have STD card statuses for all people to prevent spead and promote screening.

  12. This comment section is negative. Come on guys she was born with HIV. Use your education to think through before posting comments

  13. I am sorry you were born with this may you have a good life. The people who spread this horrible virus because of immorality are as good as murderers in my way of thinking.

  14. I think people is misinterpreteting the use of the word “proud” here. My understanding is the a person must be proud of herself regardless…. I mean, youre not proud of being HIV positive, but youre proud despite that… you just dont let your status get in the way of you being happy and proud to be you… thats the idea here…

  15. I have a question, what the fuck is there to be proud about?

    Yeah I dont give a shit if youre trying to educate people on the reality of it but is being PROUD really the right word for it?

  16. Proud is a weird statement to make but I understand why that girl who was born with it deserves to feel accepted since she did nothing to deserve having the disease since she was born with it. People probably have all the preconceptions about her even was she was a child so she’s very brave

  17. Sorry but really no reason to be proud. It's a horrible defeat and means you seriously screwed up somewhere along the way. Let's call it for what it is

  18. When there is a group of people who collect disease like this, it seems very irresponsible to try add pride to it. I don’t think you should be ashamed, but proud is really odd.

  19. There are types that can be contracted through kissing. Also, why would you proud of having a disease? I have two autoimmune disorders and I'm not proud. Because of them I gain weight literally if I eat. I do get stigmatised because of my weight. People assume I eat a lot, I eat a lot of sweets and don't work out.

  20. It just angers me that it’s always the lgbtq or black community that’s in the preventive ads or just associated with it. Working in healthcare, you see it does not discriminate. Anyone can have it. Rich, poor, straight, gay, religious, atheist, black, white. We are all humans susceptible to this disease.

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