Hội đua bò chùa Rô 2019 – The Ro Pagoda bull racing festival 2019

Hội đua bò chùa Rô 2019 – The Ro Pagoda bull racing festival 2019

Every time you come to the bull racing festival, everyone will enjoy the repertoire of the traditional Khmer music team. The sounds with Khmer nuances of the mountainous region add unique appeal to the festival. In the music, the cows tried to express themselves on the track.
The cows compete in two rounds. The first round is called the “Hô”. Cows will release the cows slowly. The second round is called the “Thả” round. In this round, the cows will decide to win or lose by speeding to overcome the opponent. The first pair to finish first will win.
The excitement in the competition has created great inspiration for professional or amateur photographers. They attend the bull racing festival to look forward to finding the best moments for themselves.
Not missing this rare opportunity, many media organizations also attended to report on the Ro Pagoda bull racing festival.
It is not difficult to recognize the presence of many Vlogers on the bull racing field. Each of them chooses a different way to learn about the bull racing festival.
Television stations are hoping to get the fastest news about Ro pagoda bull racing festival. And always take the opportunity to get the interview.
Photographer Huynh Phuc Hau has been involved with Ro pagoda racing festival for many years. Every time he came to the bull racing festival, he had many more funny stories to share with friends from afar.
This year is the fifth year to organize the Ro Pagoda bull racing festival. Photographer Danny Nguyen and team of FujiFilm Vietnam were present at this bull racing festival. Photographer Danny Nguyen wants to experience the exciting atmosphere of the race, and he also wants to use FujiFilm camera to capture the beautiful moments. He also has many to share with experienced fans to take beautiful photos, capturing the great moment of the bull racing festival.
On the track, the rider tries his best to get his cows to the finish line quickly. The bullfighting moment by the bulls makes viewers think they will treat each other as enemies. But then, they were together for a simple drinking party at the bull racing ground. On the track, they compete talent. After the intense race, they shared their experience of competing and raising cows. They see each other as brothers.
Ro’s bull racing is over. The winner and the loser are clear. But all were delighted that the bull racing festival was a success, for a good harvest was coming, and more than ever because the dolta festival of the Khmer compatriots was near.
The bull racing festival has dissolved, but there are still many small groups on the bull racing ground. Young people with annual work. They go around the racing field to collect rubbish. Although quietly, this last work is very meaningful and practical, contributing to raising the awareness of environmental protection for everyone.
See you at the Ro pagoda bull racing festival in 2020

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