How the Apple iPhone 11 let us down

Are you excited by Apple’s new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro? Of course you’re not. Here’s why skipping this year’s model may be in the cards.

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Should you upgrade?

Apple’s iPhone 11 Special Event in 13 Minutes

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20 thoughts on “How the Apple iPhone 11 let us down

  1. You are absolutely right! The front notch is still ugly and the back camera looks hideous!! Throw a D Brand Skin on it, PLEASE!? 😒🙄😒😤😠

  2. iPhone with slowest charger is far better than then the best Android.
    I sold my XS Max and used the Note 10 for one week and instead of being neutral as always now I HATE Android.
    Shut the the up and remove this video lol

  3. 5G is not really tested yet. They say they tested but that is a test from 1990. That's funny because we did not even use WiFi just yet XD. So how is 5G tested back then?. I would say it could be a danger to humanity

  4. Im actually glad that people are felt like they are let down by apple.
    Their own opinions matter to where they belong in the tech community and.
    Only solid apple fans will indulge in the beauty that is the 11 lineup.
    Hence, if you cant pay the price, dont roll the dice. Its all in or fold.
    Stop these hate comments please.
    If you hate it, dont buy.. simple.

  5. Ah quit being a wallflower. The new iPhone will be amazing. Next year usb c will be around. I don’t mind the lightning charger. My iPhone battery is great.

  6. Biggest CNET let down: this guy and Google segment he’s hosting. Yet Apple will still going to sell millions of iPhone 11.

  7. Yes apple could add all the features but than what would they do next year…plus that would jack the price substantially and no one would upgrade next year

  8. But this is typical Apple why be disappointed the only thing that shocked me was them lowering the price on something.

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