How to Activate Facebook Secret Crush | Enable Dating Setting | Use FB Tinder Feature Philippines

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Hi Everyone! Today I’ll show you how to enable Facebook DATING and use the Secret Crush features! Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video please SUBSCRIBE! 🤗 Take Care & God Bless! For more tips and guides please check out my playlists! #Facebook #SecretCrush #Tinder #LintechPH

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43 thoughts on “How to Activate Facebook Secret Crush | Enable Dating Setting | Use FB Tinder Feature Philippines

  1. When I tap on somebody on the Facebook dating it shows that it is loading but then it just kicks off to the main dating page

  2. Now, make a video of how to add it to your PC so you access it on your computer. Some people don't use their phones all of the time! LOL! I have it on my phone and tablet but cannot figure out how to add it to my PC shortcuts! Thanks in advance!

  3. how do you get to it on the desktop page? and how to you adjust your profile once its complete. I didnt see any option to view your own profile after you complete the wizard for the first time.

  4. I’m low key mad af cuz I’ve been seeing everyone else on Facebook showing screenshots of the dating icon and I don’t fucking have it haha what’s up with that???

  5. I keep looking and it's not on my app or the main website, anywhere. Ugh. Thought it was released in the US just the other day.

  6. Why do so many people insist on putting some type of lame "music" on their videos??? It's distracting. If I wanted to listen to music I would. If I'm watching an instructional video, that's ALL I fucking want! Cut the bullshit and stick to the facts. You'll find you connect with people better.

  7. I create a new fb acount pero wala heart bottom pano po ba un??? Ano updates and ggawin ko sa acount ko para lumabas un fb dating

  8. I don’t see “Dating” as an opinion. And I just downloaded the newest version of Facebook app. Anyone know what’s going on?

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