How To Download Minecraft 1.7.5 For Free, With Multiplayer | Dropbox/Mediafire download

Hi guys thanks for watching download link is down bellow, but do you mind giving a like for downloading?
(It might only be craked online lobbyes work)

Let Me know if the download link dosen`t work.


Downloads ↓

(Drobbox Download)


Links from this guy:


Let me know whitch game you want next.


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21 thoughts on “How To Download Minecraft 1.7.5 For Free, With Multiplayer | Dropbox/Mediafire download

  1. lol wtf when i was updating mine to version3.100 smthing it showed me some wierd porn wtf im to young im only 12

  2. I download it but theres no version opened (1.7.5 and all version didnt open) i click the local version but theres no version

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  5. Tutorial How to Confirm Password For Multiplayer:
    1. Its Said "Please do /register password ConfirmPassword
    2. How to do it:
    3.   Example: /register 1234 1234 
    4. and if the server want some players do after doing /register they always do this
    5. /login password ConfirmPassword
    6. u should do this /login 1234 1234

               Thank you for reading i hope this thing helped and im sorry if i spam.

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