43 thoughts on “How to Install iR3300 Driver in Windows 7

  1. I share already patched if you have a error run as administrator.it is not excluded оthey call a error for starts.This link has a 100% working software https://yadi.sk/d/z4rIYY4B3KF7Bw

  2. bro after entering host name Its showing"addtional port required"and saying to verify the detail that i had entered……PLEASE HELP ME BRO

  3. Hi… thanx for your upload… its really helpful…. but still i need assistance… the driver you used was for 32B… i run on 64B… can you plz suggest a driver for the 64B OS… and also… i suppose its the same setup as in this video….

    I have another question… the company from which i bought the printer has closed years back… i was wondering if i can buy some hardware for the printer online.. the printer am using is around 10 years old… 2 of the racks have stopped working, the keypad sometimes jam and the touch screen is a bit used up…

    Thanx again for your help…
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  4. sirji mujhe canon ke driver nahi mil rahe h..mai online kaise download karu plz help me
    ir3300 model h.. lekin uspe samnese image runner 2800 likh wala h plz hlep karo na sirji

  5. Dear friend
    I have a same printer and i download cannon driver from canon website when I follow your instruction the printer does not print the file. I have a new printer.

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